IMAGE: The She Book , By Tanya Markul

IMAGE: The She Book, By Tanya Markul


SAMANTHA WILLS: Storyteller (& Sagittarian)

No matter the medium or format, first and foremost Samantha Wills is a storyteller. Be it on social media or through her dynamic public speaking, Wills is known for her honest, relatable and vulnerable voice.

Writing regularly on business and branding for the SAMANTHA WILLS FOUNDATION.

Wills is turning her focus to print publishing and is currently working on her first book.



@SamanthaWills It’s not fair that you’re a great writer as well as a talented artist. What’s next, playing the piano with your toes? I protest!

Earlier this year I started to write a business memoir. I wanted to write a book that paralleled what is publicly seen of a successful brand with what went on behind the scenes both professionally & personally to achieve that. Sitting down to do such a project is not dissimilar to walking into a therapist office to confess all your darkest truths & fears. It's a forced process of reflection, going back to check on old wounds you though had closed over some time ago to realize what you thought was a scar was actually only a heavy duty band-aid. ⠀ ⠀ I got about 170,000 words into the draft manuscript when I got to a section that no matter which way I diced it, I couldn't - for whatever reason - find a way to write what I wanted to say. So I closed the 'memoir' folder, took the story I couldn't write & started a new doc. to try to flesh it out independently, with the view to return to the memoir when I had a better hold of how to best narrate it. As with all hurdles or seemingly closed doors, they are never the end point but the guidance to direct you where you are actually meant to be heading. ⠀ As I started to write the story that didn't feel like it could be told as it needed to be in the memoir, I instead found that it actually formed the perfect foundation of secondary writing project... and so I started a second book. ⠀ ⠀ So here I am, in the middle of writing two books (I'm not drinking hard liquor from a coffee cup at 4pm... you are!) It is confronting & uncomfortable, but every Ctrl+S has made my soul feel a little lighter (so its been cheaper than therapy on the whole). And it's important. I'm not talking about my story, but everyone's story. It is through story telling that we find connection, we see a little bit of ourselves in the stories we read. We might empathize, get angry, laugh, cry, cringe, cheer - but it is stories, especially the most honest & vulnerable that move something in us,that make us feel less isolated & less broken.⠀ ⠀ So to anyone who has already published a memoir into this world; I admire, respect, & salute you. (I also wanted to know.... Was it straight gin, or whiskey you had in your coffee cup throughout the process?) - SWx