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The inaugural event that launches the book of the same name with guest speaker Samantha Wills.

If you are a startup, CEO, student, maker, creative, entrepreneur, innovator, networker, SAHP or local business leader, this is one event you MUST attend in 2019! Join us for a night of networking, stories and connection.

Hatched is a book of stories about our local startups (leaders) and business community (feeders) and on this night we will put those people in lights at the launch of the book HATCHED It seems fitting that while we are "Hatching" our keynote speaker Samantha WIlls will present her story in her words of her journey - from Port Macquarie to NYC via the Bondi Markets - Samantha is a true trailblazer a 15 year overnight success and we are so excited to have her in Wagga Wagga.