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Finally! After waiting with bated breath, the stars have aligned and our brand new Zodiac collection has arrived ✨Covering every step of the Sun's celestial journey, each of the 12 Zodiac symbols is represented in our lush new necklace collection. So girl, what's your sign?

Whether you're gifting your bestie, your sister or yourself, these golden beauties are the perfect personalised gift. Rock them alone, or layered up for a dusting of star power! 


Not sure which sign you're after? Read on...


Aquarians are natural born leaders with their originality, progressive thinking and independence. They can be stubborn (ever tried to get them to budge on your last minute Friday night plans?) but their humanitarian side makes them incredible people to have in the world. 

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Aquarians: Ellen DeGeneres, Bob Marley, Oprah + Ed Sheeran.

For Aquarius:


Don't underestimate a Pisces. They may hang back a little in social settings, but they are incredibly intuitive, artistic and wise. They can get caught in their own thoughts sometimes, but their compassion and gentle nature more than make up for it!

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Pisces: Kesha, Rihanna + Albert Einstein (bet you didn't see that one coming!)

 For Pisces:

Everyone needs an Aries in their life. With their confident nature and infectious optimism, they light up any room (plus they are super honest, so v. good friend material.) They can be a little impulsive, but we like to think this has more upsides than down; hello impromptu weekend plans! Just don't keep them waiting too long, as their patience runs a little on the short side...

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Aries: Emma Watson (so jealous of you Aries!!), Lady Gaga +  Mariah Carey.

For Aries: 

Patient, reliable and practical. No, we're not talking about an SUV, we're talking about the Taurus! She is unshakable and often serves as your anchor in rocky times. Whether you've known her forever, or just met recently, you've got a friend for life. 

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Taurus: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Adele, Sam Smith + Gigi Hadid.

For Taurus: 

If you don't have a Gemini in your life right now, put down your phone and go find one, stat! Curious, highly adaptable (sounds like espionage criteria right?) and oh-so affectionate, your life will be filled with adventures with her for sure. Tip: it's better to come with movie suggestions as Geminis are notoriously indecisive, BUT they're open to new things!

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Geminis: Marilyn Monroe, Lucy Hale and Angelina Jolie.

For Geminis: 

Fun fact about Cancerians, they make incredible creatives (we're not biased). Highly imaginative people with tenacity and sympathy by the bucket load, the world could do with a few more, we think. 

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Cancerians: Selena Gomez, Lana Del Ray + Kevin Hart.

For Cancerians: 

We want to shout out to all the Leos out there! With their passion, cheerful demeanour and humourous streak, we have all the time in the world for this group of beauties (even if they can be a little stubborn!)

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Leos: Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevigne + Madonna.

For Leos: 

If you need a friend to have an illogical rant to, DON'T pick the Virgo. Her brain is hardwired to be incredibly kind, but practical and analytical. She'll listen, but she's going to tell you if you're being crazy. She'll also love you endlessly, regardless. 

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Virgos: Beyonće, Blake Lively + Cameron Diaz.

For Virgos: 



Likely the mediator in your friendship group - Libras are gracious, level-headed and can be infuriatingly diplomatic. But they always know the right thing to say,  and work well in groups; basically, these are the people you want in your group assignment team!

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Librarians: Halsey, Naomi Watts + Simon Cowell (we'll let you decide how you feel about that...)

For Libras: 

They're brave, they're stubborn and they're loyal to their friends. On the one hand, they'd make a great Survivor buddy, but on the other, they may be the reason you are asked to leave a bar. It's a gamble, but Scorpios are passionate souls and we love them!

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Scorpios (Scorpions? does anyone say this?? Please confirm): Lorde, Rachel McAdams + the gorgeous Grace Kelly. 

For Scorpios: 

Life will never be boring with a Sagittarius around. They are generous with their time and friendship, and though they can sometimes come across as impatient (*cough - yes, you are) they are visionaries, with a great sense of humour.

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Sagittarians: Taylor Swift, Sia + our very own Samantha!

For Sagittarians: 


With their responsible nature and self-control, Capricorns are the friends your parents approve of (you know exactly who we're talking about don't you!?) Incredibly disciplined, they speak their mind and are the people to share your goals with, cause they'll bloody hold you to them!

You're in good company! Here are some fellow Capricorn on the cobs: Sienna Miller, Ricky Martin + McDreamy.

For Capricorns: 

The best bit? The necklaces come gift wrapped and ready to go!


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