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Everything you need to know about the newest stone in the SAMANTHA WILLS family (plus, the fine new styles it features in!)

White opal features:

  • Milky

  • Holographic

  • Play of colour

  • Cloudy



What can we say, tis the season for new stones! Introducing the stunning white opal mineral stone to our Champagne Suede collection.

To say a white opal is just a ‘white’ opal is a colossal understatement.  The white opal is an opaque milky stone with a holographic twist. The water formation inside the stone creates an optical illusion, with the milky base reflecting little specks of cloudy blue and purple. Featuring a play of colours, you’ll forever want to be holding up your jewellery-adorned limbs in the sun (with SPF on, of course!), admiring the white opal stone’s reflective, glimmering effect.

What’s better than a stand-alone white opal mineral stone, you ask? Why a white opal stone set on a dainty rose gold chain! Unique and modern forces unite when white opal meets rose gold. The two need to co-exist in order to be truly appreciated. Picture this: You, basking in the afternoon sun that golden hour brings, with a freshly poured green juice in hand, sporting layered fine rose gold necklaces which just so happen to complement your subtle summer tan. But there’s more! Suspended from these dainty chains are shimmering, reflective white opal stones. The stone's details set on fine rose gold chains capture all your friends’ attention at brunch. They beg you to tell you where you got them from, but you’d prefer to keep the secret to yourself.

The jig is up when one of your eagle-eyed girlfriends zeroes in on the SAMANTHA WILLS insignia engraved into the back of the pendant which has been dancing in the sunlight all morning. Needless to say, at your next brunch catch up everyone is adorned with rose gold and white opal jewellery. The stone’s holographic effect has a magical effect, which when paired with rose gold is truly mesmerising. So, who can blame them?


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