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We locked Samantha down just long enough to share her tips for getting the most out of Tulum, Mexico. (Plus, some epic vacay snaps) Envy levels: high - dangerously high.

Tulum is one of my favorite places on the planet.

I describe it as Mexico’s version of Byron Bay…. Myself & a few of my nearest & dearest took the 3.5 hour flight from NYC down to Cancun airport, then jumped on an hour transfer to beautiful Tulum.

There is not much I can say about Tulum that I have not said before….but if you are considering visiting there – my advice is absolutely do it!

Here are some of my suggestions of where to Sleep, Dance, Eat & Cocktail!


On this trip, we stayed at Papaya Playa Project, an eco resort that can accommodate all budgets, from tree house style huts on the beach, to luxury casitas with rooftop pools. On my next trip, I will definitely be booking to stay at Be Tulum.


BE TULUM - We had lunch at Be Tulum one afternoon and it has a gorgeous vibe, so def grab a meal there if you don’t stay there!

THE REAL COCONUT – Great for healthy fresh brunch & lunches – beautiful smoothies also!

GITANO – Delish share style food, there are rumors this place goes off on the D floor on certain nights, I can attest there is a disco ball suspended from a tree, so if you want to dance, just check which night that is happening!

POSADA MARGARITA – i save the best for last – this restaurant is an Italian food at its best. This is an ABSOLUTE must do. You cannot make reservations, so I suggest going early & catching the last sun down.

I had seen every influencer worth their weight in followers posting about AZULIK, it was right next door to where we stayed, so we went in to check it out….

Here's what you need to know.

It is like stepping into Peter Pans tree house! For $40, you can enter their private beach & the $40 credit goes towards whatever food & cocktails you order – The food here is AMAZING, and they have a fresh coconut cart…. The beach is also clothing optional. So do what you want with that ;)


Papaya Playa Project has a beach party every Saturday night. … And lots of other goings on – it feels like everyone in Tulum attends, so it seems like quite the place to be… their schedule is updated here


Where all these restaurants are, there are also an amazing amount of beautiful boutiques, so where possible, come with an empty suitcase. Be sure to stop into Caravana.


Margaritas & Midnight Swims…. Enjoy Tulum! - SWx

Samantha's crochet bikini from Suboo

Gown by SPELL 

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