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We ummed and ahhed (and took an office poll), and we've managed to narrow down the new bridal earring offering to a list of our top 5 styles. Are you a bride in a hurry? Read on!

Depending on the style of your bridal look, we've got your earrings sorted!

Are you:


Old Hollywood Glamour

You’ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s too many times to count. Your entire wedding venue setup is inspired by the Chateau Marmont’s interior designer’s portfolio. To you, there’s no such thing as ‘too much sparkle’. Your wedding guests can expect to see you donning a crystal encrusted gown with a sweetheart neckline and flowing train - perhaps with a subtle feathered hemline for a touch of flapper style. Your special day will be nothing short of glamorous.

Your perfect earring - The Femme Fatale Crystal Earring


Classic Feminine

Your style has been described as understated and timeless. Dewy skin with a classic red lipstick is your go-to makeup style (and has never let you down). You're most likely wearing a simple, strapless neckline and opting for a swept-back do - basically, Miranda Kerr is your style-icon. Your perfect bridal jewels are those that accentuate your natural sparkle.

Your perfect earring - The Forever Enchantress Drop Earring


The Bohemienne

Yours is a style that flows between vintage and boho. Your bridal style will undoubtedly include pairing your gown with a wreath of wild flowers and a sunkissed glow (and possibly strappy flats once the dancing really kicks off! Your love of vintage-inspired jewels is deep-rooted, and in particular, for the romantic vibe they instil. You're wanting something beautiful with a bohemian flair for the celebrations of your big day.

Your perfect earring - The Femme Fatale Drop Earring 


Winter Lover

White, lace accents, faceted crystal glassware, subtle sparkle throughout. Sounds good to you? We thought so. Your special day will be a bridal wonderland, and you are taking delight in planning every single detail. Your bridal gown is an exquisite creation, and will more than likely include subtle crystal detailing, adding to the magic of the day. You need something with maximum impact, and we've found it!


Your perfect earring - The Forever Enchantress Hook Earring


Avant-Garde Chic

When you’re not tending to bridal duties, you’re most likely sporting new season Vetements and Rick Owens. You’re so committed to the avant-garde life, that there’s no way in Kawakubo that you’re going to make a place for it on your big day. The unique design of this cuff drew you in immediately. You love how the masculine element meets the feminine crystal detailing. You’ll most likely style these with a sleek white pantsuit and a slick hairstyle for an uber chic effect.

Your perfect earring -  The Femme Fatale Ear Cuff

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