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Bridal gowns. Possibly the most exciting part of planning your nuptials (let's be honest) but with navigating the plunging necklines vs cowlneck and detachable skirts vs lace trains debate, where does a girl possibly start?

With all the incredible dresses and designers out there, finding one that you love can be a daunting task. We wanted to shed some light on the trends coming through, so we called in an expert. Now, we wish we could claim expertise in this field, but as many bridal mags and Pinterest boards as we trawl (and believe us, it’s a lot…) we needed someone who lives and breathes bridal. Enter Sophie from Love Find Co.


Sophie has an eye and a passion for the world of bridal (lucky for us!) and here are her picks for the top 3 trends in bridal gowns, the Australian designers who are bringing the magic, as well as the SAMANTHA WILLS bridal jewels to match!


1. Polkadots.

Now, before images of big bold 80’s spots come to mind, stay with us! Polkadots are back in a big way in the form of beading and smaller feminine detailing. Whether you’re opting for circular lace detailing or round bead details – this is one trend we hope stays indefinitely.  It brings a fun and fresh element to the bridal gown without losing that elegance. Read; Bohemians, you’ll love this!


 Your jewels to match:

2. Clean structured lines.

Minimalist brides rejoice! We’re sure the Duchess of Sussex played a part in this trend catching on, and these sleek cuts are everything! Designers like Prea James and Marquise bridal are stripping it back with these column dresses, keeping the details simple and elegant. Think buttons and a bare back, sheer sleeves, or bring back that old Hollywood glamour with a sweeping back-tied bow. The beauty of these gowns is that they can be styled up or down with your choice of accessories, depending on the style of your wedding.


Your jewels to match:


3. Embellishments.

Designers are getting more creative with their detailing, and what they’re coming up with is nothing short of art. From lace and beading to crystals and sequins – you’ll see it all walking up the aisle! Jennifer Go and Ella Moda are all over it with their beading, and Moira Hughes and Anna Campbell are pushing the envelope with crystal embellishments (literally wearable art!) as a nod to vintage design, with a beautifully fresh angle for 2018 brides – and we say brava!


Your jewels to match:





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