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Christmas is by far our favourite time of year! The food, the music (you know you love Mariah and Michael Bublé just as much as we do!), the beautifully wrapped presents, and of course the socialising! Take a sneak peek into how Team SW celebrated this year, what jewels made the cut, and what they love about the festive season!

As much as we would have loved a white Christmas, we had to make do with a beach-side sunset soiree at Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel (I know, it's awful but someone had to do it!)

Around a table beautifully decked out in our white and peach palette, the team sipped chilled rosé, delicious cocktails, feasted on seafood, and discussed in great detail whether the Hand Over Love Grande or Nightfall Hoop Earrings are our all-time favourite. 

The conversation quickly turned to Christmas, and what our favourite (and least favourite) parts of the festive season are. 

Samantha: My favourite part of Christmas would be when everyone comes together! My friend & I once went to Vail Colorado for Christmas. It was snowy & traditional, and because we were all on vacation (no one was hosting at their home) everyone was relaxed & there was no stress!

Adriana: Friends and family is absolutely my favourite thing about Christmas.

Rosalie: I think the guilt-free feasting is a strong contender for 1st place!!

: Agreed! The food is definitely the best bit... That and the festive vibes everyone gives off around that time of the year. (Disclosure: Jess is an out and proud Mariah fan!)

Lucy: But let's not forget the worst bit that follows; the food hangover.  Also, I hope this is a safe place to admit this, but I'm not a fan of the Christmas carols!

*There are hushed whispers and accusatory glares as the team wonders how someone slipped through the recruitment questionnaire *

Lucy again: Unless of course, they were being sung by Ryan Gosling.

*Everyone cheers - balance and faith is restored amongst the group*

Handsome waiter, topping up their wine: What a celebration! What's the best thing you've ever had in a Christmas cracker?

Jess: Definitely the dad jokes, they get better (meaning worse) every year!

Samantha: I can top that! One year, Mum splurged on the luxe crackers, and the ‘gifts’ in them were all metal items. I think I got a napkin ring…. Literally. A single napkin ring. That is the best thing I have ever had in a cracker. 

Nadia: I once got a scratchy and won $25!

Rosalie: Guys, I don't mean to make everyone jealous, but I once had a mini harmonica.

The discussion moved on to gifting, with the group agreeing that their strategy of always leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute is maybe not working out that well...

Nadia: I've said it before, and I'll say it again - steer clear of shopping malls!! Do it all online (she finds particularly great)

Rosalie: I don't think anything will make shopping for my fiance easier - he's one of those "I don't mind/I don't need anything" types... they're infuriating!

Katie:... That's me.

Lucy: I feel your pain! My boyfriend is exactly the same. Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated!

It was agreed collectively that partners universally are a nightmare to buy for. So. if your partner is a breeze, then it must be you! But fear not - we can help with even the trickiest person - check out our Gift Guide.

Finally, the team share their wisdom on surviving the silly season:

LucyWine is always a safe bet for surviving the family gatherings.

JessGet some rest in between all the craziness somewhere, otherwise you’ll end up sick in January (aka me, every single year!).

SamanthaAdd ice to your Rosé – it's like subliminal hydration!

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