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Take $50 off your order, when you spend $100+. Use code: FREEMONEY at checkout.

A SPARKLING LOVE Wednesday the 8th of June was a day filled with happiness, excitement, romance and a whole lot of love! Recently, we had the pleasure of planning a special proposal for a very special couple; Trung and Dung, who would be celebrating their 3-year anniversary on this day. Trung reached out to us to share their incredible love story, and to express the endless love he has for his beautiful girlfriend. He also let us know that he was planning on proposing and that as his girlfriend was an avid fan of the SAMANTHA WILLS brand, he was hoping we could be involved in one way or another. We were so blown away by this and so excited be a part of this beautiful love story, and so many ideas as to how we could help in making this proposal unforgettable.




After weeks of brainstorming and planning, it was decided that the special day would be an anniversary celebration with a twist. Dung would be guided through the day’s activities by Samantha's handwritten clues, each one directing them to the next destination. Little did she know the final clue would lead her to Trung down on one knee!

Before we knew it, the day was upon us. It started in David Jones' Elizabeth St store, where a mysterious shopper was waiting with an iPad to show Dung a special video message from Samantha, congratulating the couple on their anniversary and inviting them to SW HQ for high tea. There was a beautiful spread of delicately delicious cakes and mouthwatering pastries awaiting them, thanks to the creative & talented John Ralley at Textbook Boulangerie-Patisserie. (If you are looking for somewhere to go for a coffee plus a cheeky dessert, this is most definitely your place!). Meanwhile, a sneaky Team SW member hid a written clue in the couple’s car, directing them to Bondi Icebergs for a delightful lunch. From there, the next clue led them to Sydney Signature Day Spa for a couples massage.

The final clue directed them the last stop; the stunning Pier One Hotel in Walsh Bay. Featuring breathtaking waterfront views of the iconic Harbor Bridge, Opera House and Luna Park, this location was absolute perfection. The Harbor balcony suite, provided by Pier One for this special surprise, was lovingly filled with beautiful white blooms (from Harry’s Wholesale), cream coloured drapes, and of course our staple white marble. The setting was complete with the sweet sound of Jordan Millar on the guitar, with candlelight creating a dreamy, romantic glow.

The couple were handed blindfolds upon arrival before being led to their incredible room. Sitting among the candles on the balncony, was a little white SW ring box containing a very special promise ring (Trung used the SAMANTHA WILLS 'Promise Of Dawn' ring set to propose, while they will design the actual engagement ring together).

Dung took off her blindfold to see Trung down on bended knee, and as the sun set, the magical moment came to life. Trung asked the question he had been longing to ask all day, and we are very happy to say, she said YES!

Congratulations Trung and Dung, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!

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