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We make no secret of the fact that we think females are fan-bloody-tastic creatures. They're strong, creative and they shine in the most uniquely beautiful ways. So when the time came to design some next-level statement earrings, it seemed only fitting to create them for the goddess(es) that lie in each and every one of us.



Do you have an inner Goddess that kicks ass on the regular? If so, you may very well be channelling vibes of Artemis! This #Boss was the Goddess of the Hunt (and Apollo's twin) and you KNOW she would have been one hell of a feminist. If this warrior of a woman resonates with you, these are your earrings. Like Artemis herself, these beauties are a juxtaposition of fierce feminine power and stunning sleekness. 

Featuring richly beautiful malachite and white howlite, metal chain and luna-inspired crescents - do you dare?


Arguably the most famous of the Goddess world (if you move in that circle) - she is known as the Goddess of love and beauty, which isn't a bad realm to watch over if you ask us! The modern-day muse is the woman who loves fiercely, and with loyalty - both to her friends and her lovers. More notably, she maintains the most important love of all, that of herself. The most beautiful thing is knowing who you are, sticking to it, and those around you will be drawn like a moth to a flame.

With detailing that is hard to tear your eyes off, these tasselled styles are dying to decorate your ears! 



(Known also by some as "Mother Earth") She was considered the mother of all life and was the personification of Earth itself, and was the first of the Greek God/Goddess crew) For the woman who loves the feel of fresh air on her face, and the smell of nature (even if it's just a pot plant), you may have a little Gaia in you. You're unswayed by the crowds and have a deeply-rooted (see what we did there?) sense of self and your beliefs.

If you identify with this earthly goddess, then you will love the rich metal of these earrings by the same name. They're a nod to the elements, and we're particularly loving the combination of chains with the high-shine finish that will illuminate when you step out into the sun.

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