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The staple wardrobe is a thing. It means that you have the basic essentials, and helps alleviate the stress of choice. BUT – it doesn’t just apply to your clothes. Scientists** have discovered the 5 pieces of jewellery that will not only get you through life, but do so with statement style, and who wouldn’t love that!

**The scientists referred to earlier are in fact jewel-aholics, but take their job VERY seriously, so it could be argued that they are far more knowledgeable in the matter.

We also sought confirmation from the highest authority there is – those who walk the red carpet - and there was evidence aplenty!


Statement Earrings

There is not an outfit in existence that hasn’t been exponentially improved by a great statement earring. They can be sleek and minimal, or oversized with enough detailing that you could literally wear a sack and still like amazing. Like the bower bird, we are always adding to our collection of pretty things, and statement earrings are always top of the list!


Cocktail ring

Ah, the cocktail ring. Like the ring itself, we will make a bold statement here, but the cocktail ring to a style-savvy chica, is the paintbrush to Michelangelo – how on earth can you be expected to make magic happen without it?

It is the ultimate finishing touch, it looks amazing while you’re holding your cocktail glass, and is super eye-catching; which is perfect when you’re hailing a cab (2018 translation: when you’re hailing an Uber… via your trusty app)


 Pendants (or statement necklaces in general) – the longer the better - so you can also double it up, the layered look is (as Zoolander so eloquently put it) so hot right now…

Don’t forget the versatile pendant in your styling repertoire; they operate in the mid-section of the outfit, which is frequently forgotten, but can absolutely transform your look! Worn shorter, they add a point of interest to your decolletage. 


Hoops – proving themselves to be more adaptable to the times than Madonna, every girl needs herself a pair!

Like the female form, hoops are beautiful in all sizes. Throw on a smaller sleek pair for that job interview you’ve been counting down the days to, and then for celebratory champagne with the girls (when you get it!)– that larger-than-life pair that you bought impulsively, hoping for a reason to wear.

 Wristwear stack

Stack, stack and stack! As these red carpet attendees show, when you think you’re wearing enough wristwear, you can go one more! Whether you’re into the magic of the metal, or colour blocking – this is a must-try style that translates from day to night seamlessly.

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