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If you love the finer things in life (we're talking jewels) and have seen fine trends come and go with no idea on how to style it on yourself, we're here to help!

Here are our top 3 picks for the trends of the season, and how to do it! 


The Stack

Stack attack! You know the saying ‘less is more’? In the case of stacking fine jewellery pieces, we prefer the saying ‘less-yet-more’. By this, we mean sticking to fine finishes, but layering them up to create an individual look. Slender cuffs paired with fine bracelets. Dainty pendant rings stacked on top of even daintier layering rings.

When it comes to stacking, there are no stringent rules. Mix it up and play around! Remember, silver and gold can be worn in unison - you heard it here first!



Not only do we love stacking fine jewellery, we love mixing fine finishes with statement pieces! Consider pairing a strong cuff with a delicate bracelet chain. Or styling a statement ring such as the classic Bohemian Bardot ring with a couple of fine rings. A statement collar necklace worn with fine, longer-chained necklaces creates a stunning and multi-dimensional layered effect.

Whether or not you prefer a minimalist or maximalist approach to wearing jewellery, mixing statement and fine finishes have you covered! Keep it simple or layer it up - mixing jewellery has never been easier!



(ears of @karissasparke + Pinterest)

If you were a teen in the 00’s, you have most likely lost count of how many earring holes you have. You’ve probably braved through plenty of ear infections and been on the receiving end of some cringe worthy dad jokes in your time.

However, the pain (both physical and mental) was ultimately worth it. Because now you have the ability to create some killer asymmetrical earring looks worthy of many ear-fies/featuring on everyone’s Pinterest boards.

Chandelier earrings, chain earrings, drop earrings, studs, hoops; the galore. You’re lucky enough to wear them all at once if you wish to! Forget about making a statement with a single set of ~symmetrical~ earrings, you’re all about trending the mismatched ear party.




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