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SAMANTHA WILLS: MAGAZINE I am so excited to launch the digital, shoppable version of the first issue of our magazine, just in time for you to shop for the holidays! It is a compilation of all things SW – featuring our latest FINE collection ‘Pania’, featuring the gorgeous Inka Williams, a peek at our new homewares range, I answered your #ASKSW questions and much, much more! Wishing you a beautiful Summer/Winter ahead… -SWx


You asked, and Samantha delivered. Find out what you didn’t know already, right here, as SW answers some of the questions put forward via Instagram. #ASKSW 

Q: How do you keep inspired to create? (@the.naked.minds)

A: I am truly inspired by all of our followers, who so graciously show me how they are wearing their SW everyday on Instagram! It could be the tiniest things that trigger a whole new line, collection or palette!

Q: What’s the key to staying relevant in such a competitive market while also staying true to yourself and your brand? (@elizampumfrey)

A: I think continually moving forward in all aspects of your business. Those who stay stagnant get eclipsed very quickly. I think it is easy to stay true to the brand when it is someones name/aesthetic, in this case it’s my own name, so all products & expansions need to feel organic to me & my style – so it’s a very natural process.


Q: What makes a great work environment for you? (@vanilla_girl) 

A: Some place minimal & white, because it feels like a blank canvas for coming up with big ideas!

Q: The signature bohemian Bardot ring – how did you come up with its design and did you ever think people around the world will start collecting it in every colour?(@amysworldhk)

A: I think the teardrop shape is very feminine, it actually started as a triple drop earring, then I made it into a single ring. I credit the fact that it became signature to Eva Mendes, when she wore it, it really put the brand, and the style on the map –making it our signature piece! 

Q: Who is the biggest inspiration in your life and why? (@crazy_for_swayze)

A: Definitely the greater SW community. They (you guys!) are the ones who keep me going. On days when I feel like throwing it all in, I read an Insta post, or get sent a card or letter (like the one you sent me recently!) telling me that something I said or did inspired them & that’s what it is all about. If I can inspire people with my story, that is the best outcome.  

Q: How do you find A WORK/LIFE balance? (@krystie_lilymoo) 

A: There is no such thing! I think the best thing to do is see how closely you can actually fuse the two, so that you can make the most of utilising technology & time.

Q: Name five things you own that are special to you and why? (@lightsoverbruna)

A: 1. My Louis Vuitton monogram bag – I use this piece of luggage so much! 2. A Willow pattern mug that was my great grandfathers shaving mug. 3. My Mum’s wedding ring – we misplaced it for about 8 years so to find it again makes it even more special! 4. My guitar – I have only just started, but I find it to be a really great escape, and that is special to me. 5. My leather jacket – it’s about 7 years old now, and it has travelled the world with me!

Q: What are the main pieces of jewellery every woman should own? (@erin__alyce)

A: I think earrings are important, because they frame the face. A go-to cocktail rings is also good, as you can change the feel of a look with it. 

Q: We love seeing others’ fave SW pieces and would love to see yours! What are your favourites? (@charlie_alpha_sierra)

A: This is like asking me to choose my favorite child! Definitely the Bardot, it’s such a defining piece for the brand. I am living in the FINE collection of late, and a favourite is definitely the Beautiful Mantra bar necklaces.  

Q: What advice would you give to someone if they wanted to change their career and felt as though they couldn’t? (@msvicjane)

A: My advice is there is probably never going to be a ‘right time’. There is risk involved, and you will need to step outside your comfort zone, but that is the beauty of life. Take the leap, build your wings on the way. 


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