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Take $50 off your order, when you spend $100+. Use code: FREEMONEY at checkout.

PHOSPHENES Our latest FINE collection Phosphenes features three of our favourite stones to date - white howlite, African jade and crushed opal. With each so beautifully unique in markings, texture and colourings, they all bring their own qualities and characteristics to the wearer. Below, we bring you our SW Stone Guide created around our new FINE collection, Phosphenes, designed to give you clarity when choosing your new jewels.


With its ancient history dating back hundreds of thousands of years, the African jade stone is used heavily throughout Chinese culture to bring harmony to the wearer. With its beautifully green colouring varying from piece to piece, it is used in a nurturing capacity, to attract love, peace & a sense of care to the wearer. The perfect stone to place on your workspace or in your home, for when you need a positive force surrounding your everyday life.

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With Australia producing 97% of the worlds' opal, this stone is beautifully representative of the country we live in. With its myriad of colours reflecting the light, it is known to both absorb and reflect thoughts and feelings before sending them back out into the universe at an amplified level. Due to this, the opal amplifies emotional states and often forces the wearer to self-examine on a frequent basis, while encouraging a positive state of mind.

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The howlite stone, usually found as a white colour in nature, is known for its ability to bring a state of calm to the wearer while decreasing any stress or anxiety present in the mind. Used frequently in meditation practices, howlite channels any form of anger into a positive state, bringing the wearer a greater sense of self. If you are stuck in a creative rut, this is the perfect stone to wear close to your heart as it will increase self-expression and heighten creativity.

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