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We don't know about you, but we follow our hearts and change our plans on the fly. Our new year daily ritual (or lack of) goes a little something like this…

Kicking off the New Year with daily resolutions and regimes of 2km runs, of answering all emails within 0.1 seconds, of saving 150% of your salary... sound familiar? Well here's what we say to that - meh!

No one needs that kind of pressure in their life, especially 9 days into the year! (For reference, even Kim K and Kris Humphries' infamous marriage lasted longer, so give yourself a break!) 

To give credit where credit is due - if your daily routine includes morning yoga on the beach followed by an acai bowl with your fellow earth people (insert further aspects of a ridiculously perfect life here), then we honestly salute you... and perhaps you could share some tips?!

But for the rest of us, how about this for a New Year's resolution - the  'no-ritual ritual'

What is this madness, you ask?


Give yourself permission to make last-minute decisions (that could end up changing your life!), to indulge yourself, to say yes, but equally important - to say no!

Here's to living a life less routined, to following our hearts, and being ourselves; unapologetically so.

Watch the video to see just what we mean...


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