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FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99+ in Australia

#BelieveBig After this past weekend launch of the OPTUS #BelieveBig campaign, I am excited to share some behind the scenes pics with you!

There was a whole sound stage built out in New York’s midtown, where a replica of my 2004 kitchen (complete with jaffle maker & baked beans!) was set up, complete with my bedroom & my dining table. It was VERY surreal to step into my life 12 years ago. The props department were so incredible & their attention to details spanned from the brand of baked beans to the replica of my business cards & original logo from those early days. 

Working with Australian director, Dave Ma, was a dream. I am MOST certainly NOT an actor, so walking onto the set with 70+ crew watching on, I was a little nervous to say the least – but Dave was INCREDIBLE, giving me great guidance through each scene, tapping me into those feelings of isolation, fear & anxiety that all entrepreneurs face in the start-up phase.

The shower scene is actually one of my favourites! It's so dramatic! And I remember my bleeding dirty hands from making all that jewellery. The shower was the one place I would have the craziest thoughts – some great creative ideas came to me in there, some of the deepest moments of fear & isolation also. It was where you started every 4am day & finished every 3am finish. It was where you would go to cry when things got overwhelming.

If you haven’t read my story, you can do so over at the Samantha Wills Foundation. I hope that whether you are a small business owner or not, it inspires you to follow your passion, no matter how may times you are faced with hardships or hurdles.

I wish you every success in your ventures. Think outside the box and #BelieveBig - SWx

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