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THE PERFECT BONBONIERRE For most modern day brides, finding a luxe bonbonierre with a point of difference is a difficult task. We may have found the perfect gift (that your guests will actually want to use!), in our favourite new soaps, Maple Soaps. We recently sat down with founder Jenna, an ex-florist, who shared some tips learnt over her past 7 years in the wedding industry.

How long have you worked in the industry?

Prior to starting MAPLE almost 3 years ago I also worked as a florist and have been involved in lots of amazing weddings over the past 7 years. I've been lucky enough to have helped create so many different styles of weddings which has given me a bit of extra knowledge in the industry.

What inspired you to join the industry?

During the planning of my own wedding, I decided to create some custom made soaps for my guests and favors. After our honeymoon I came back to work and started receiving emails from other brides who had seen them on social media and wanted the same thing! I love being creative and working with brides to come up with unique gifts for their friends and family.

What is your signature product?

For weddings our Rose Geranium soap is the winner as the fragrance is so soft and romantic.

How do you work with a bride to put together a unique/personalised product?

We discuss what the brides overall look is and try to compliment that.  The colours, textures, location, the flowers on the table, all those things are great to reference so that on the day the styling looks streamlined across all elements. We've been told by so many brides that their whole reception room smelt like roses and it's so great to hear that our little soaps can have such a nice impact like that.

What are your suggestions for how a bride can incorporate her personal style into her wedding? 

Choose a style and run with that - keep it simple. I've seen so many weddings where its a bit tropical/ a bit rustic/ and bit of something else! It can end up looking messy if you try to incorporate too many things.  A crispy white tablecloth, gorgeous blooms, a few candles, great wine... and of course MAPLE soap favors and you're done!

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