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In case you haven't noticed the festive garlands adorned with fairy lights, slung over every available sign in the mall, Christmas is coming. Soon. Don't panic! Think of us like your elves, with helpful tips on how to sleigh this festive season! Read on for our 3 hottest picks for DIY wrapping trends 🎁

With the manic chaos that is Christmas, it's easy to opt for the $4.99 gift bag and be done with it. BUT BEFORE YOU GIVE UP! A personal touch is second to none, especially for your friends and family - so depending on which is more your vibe; grab some twine, glitter and leaves, and get creative! 


Bring some rustic beauty into your gift-giving with some of this nature-inspired style! Imagine your tree surrounded by these little gems!


This is the time to go EX-TRA! Why stop at one type of ribbon, double it up (and throw in some glitter for good measure)


For your girlfriends, it's all about the fresh pink tones with feminine detailing - as luck would have it, we have ample gift wrapping in this palette, so we've got you covered. Plus, it's a great chance to try your hand at making your own bon-bons!  


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