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FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99+ in Australia

STYLED STACK The perfect FINE ring stack is hard to master, especially with so many options available! We've put together the top 5 tips to ensure you stack them the right way.

1. Mix your metals - Pick your favourite metals (we love rose gold & silver together!), and mix for a heavy metal feel. This works perfectly with a mix of textures as well.

 2. Evenly spread - Scatter statement and very fine rings (such as the Black Sands 7 Ring Set) out evenly, as to not overstack in one place and leave another area empty.

3. Don't overdo the sparkle - Make sure you add enough plain rings to complement the statement sparkling styles, such as the Azure Ring Set.

 4. You can't go wrong with midi rings - The perfect accompaniment to any FINE ring collection, as well as statement styles from our mainline range, you can never have too many.

5. Don't be afraid to stack - Some rings are made to stack on top of other rings. The Flamingo Jungle Ring is perfect sitting directly on top of a finer ring, such as the Botanicals Ring

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