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Did you know Agate is known for its grounding and protective energies? Just like its fellow black stone family members, Agate boosts inner strength and helps keep peace in stressful times. If that wasn't enough - it's also the PERFECT stone for winter styling...

You could definitely do with some of that Agate goodness in your life, right? Before you go running to the nearest markets, seeking out a woman called Sage in a headscarf for her best stones, we've got some great news. This moody stone happens to be the hero of our latest statement collection (it looks A-MAZING with gold!) so you can get yours right here!

Whether you want to wear this stress-relieving saviour close to your heart...

 Decorating your fingers,


Or adorning your ears, black agate is here (and styled to perfection!) for you! We've gone ahead and taken these little beauties, paired them back with high-impact antique gold and heavenly carved detailing for some gorgeous statement pieces that will be right at home in your winter wardrobe.  Inspired by the beautifully bold body armour from Wonder Woman, the designs channel the fierce power of the female form, whilst the natural stones harness that goodness to keep you grounded. Basically, it's a perfect match!

Wait, (we hear you ask) - you're telling me that your jewellery is not only beautiful, but its stones can help me with stress?

Why yes!

Agate stones vibrate on a lower level (unlike their more intense crystal cousins!) but this energy is great for grounding and centring, so it's perfect for bringing you back to your starting point, regrouping and finding your centre. 

Don't believe us? Check out our graph!

* Graph created with absolutely no scientific backing whatsoever. Results based purely on our love of jewellery! 



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