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FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99+ in Australia

LUXE SHINE An update to the white freshwater pearls used throughout 'Pania', the new SAMANTHA WILLS FINE collection, 'Halcyon' features the beautifully iridescent grey freshwater pearl.

The freshwater pearl, much like its saltwater counterpart, begins its process in the same way. A small irritant such as a fragment of shell or scale causes the flesh of the mussel to release secretions, that over time create what we know to be the shiny pearl. Freshwater pearls originate from mussels rather than oysters, and unlike saltwater pearls, they do not bear the seeds of the original irritant, making them flawlessly unique.

While the white pearl is produced with a neutral, white sheen, the grey pearl has a beautifully smooth finish with natural grey colouring. Finished with 14k gold, 14k rose gold & rhodium plated sterling silver, and set with crystals and semi precious stones, the 'Halcyon' collection features unique FINE jewels made to layer.

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