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We've always had a special place in our hearts for the mirrored jewellery chest, and in case you missed it - late last year we launched our new marbled version (and we weren't exactly quiet about it!) - they're luxe, they're beautiful and they house even the most impressive jewel collection. But! Did you know they're not just for jewels? We asked some of our favourite creatives to show how they've put theirs to use. Prepare for some pretty serious #inspo!

Golden girl, style goddess (and recent Byron Bay native) Stacey Allen shows us how she uses her chest for all things beauty! Perfectly positioned in her outdoor bathroom (swoon!) this marbled beauty is a haven of skincare and ingredients for the dream beauty routine - plus a few SAMANTHA WILLS jewels! 

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Eloise Jenkins, ├╝ber talented digital designer and all-round creator of visually stunning things, she shows how her creative space is organised around her mirrored chest. Given the impossibly light space, it's no wonder she creates the magic she does! The mirrored finish works perfectly in the openness of the space, reflecting the inspo board (for double the inspo?!), and the ample storage is perfect for stashing away findings and textures to feature in her artwork.

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Treasures galore can be found in every drawer of this beauty belonging to Erin (but you may know her as Harley Quinn and Co.) Her feed is to die for, and we love how she's added personal treasures to her creative space (and how she uses her chest as a place to store them!) 

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Artist extraordinaire of the floral world, Emily from Boutierre Girls let us inside her cave of wonders (ie her studio full of blooms) to see the miles of lace, ribbon and pretty things she's filled hers with! Who says a workstation has to be boring!

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What treasures does your SAMANTHA WILLS chest hold? We'd love to see, so make sure to use #samanthawills to show us!

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