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Sam Sparro said it best when he sang: Cause if you're not really here, I don't want to be either. I wanna be next to you, Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold.

Now if you were thinking he was referring to some raven-haired, sunkissed golden beauty, you couldn’t be more mistaken! He was, in fact, talking about our statement jewels in the timeless combination: black onyx and shiny gold metal.


Classic meets modern.

We know, the combination isn’t new, but the beautiful thing about this palette is its versatility! The occasion (and your personal style) will dictate the design you go for, but from wedding to work to the interview for your dream job, one thing is certain – the B&G pairing is on that won’t steer you wrong!


From ear to neck and down to your fingertips, get yourself decorated with fresh new styles in the best pairing since the humble white t and denim – which evidently looks incredible with black and gold!

Our newest collections offer the black and gold combination in exquisite filigree designs, in styles that would be right at home in Byron, and luxe modern styles that carry you from work to bar flawlessly.

 Find the perfect styles for your ears:

And for everything from the neck down!

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