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Take $50 off your order, when you spend $100+. Use code: FREEMONEY at checkout.

#YELLOWGLEN I am so incredibly honored to today be named the new Creative Director, and face of YELLOWGLEN, Australia’s number one sparkling wine brand.





To me, YELLOWGLEN is an Australian icon of celebration. With such a long standing heritage as the cork to pop, I looked deep into the milestone moments of the brands history, I knew we had to bring back the iconic Bubbly Girl , but in a beautifully modern way. The Bubbly Girl is an icon for YELLOWGLEN, that stands out for me personally and was the epitome of this beautiful, charismatic, social and sparkling personality. I wanted to make this bottle representative of where the bubbly girl is today - Her yellow flowing gown is now replaced with black skinny leg jeans, a tailored sequined blazer over a slouchy white t-shirt, her makeup minimal and a fresh, natural wave in her hair - but her charismatic manner still remains – She celebrates, she laughs, she leads a beautiful life. She is sparkling in appearance and spirit.... And she leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes.

Working with Yellowglen chief winemaker, Trina Smith & Yellowglen Brand Manager, Astrid Oakley, This new campaign and my first release as creative Director, of the new 'Yellow' Limited Edition sparkling bottle is a celebration of her...of you, of me... The bubbly girls of today. Shine on, and make everyday moments sparkling. I can't wait to show you this new product, and as the brands new Creative Director, bring you many more sparkling moments. - Samantha Wills 

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