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Take $50 off your order, when you spend $100+. Use code: FREEMONEY at checkout.

My laptop is full of all my past creative briefs & ‘designer’s diary’ documents, that I put together for every collection & every story within each collection!

Given the time process from sitting down & actually designing a collection to having the production ready to sell in stores & on our website is about 9 months to a year, I always find it interesting to go back over all briefs & compare my original creative thoughts & vision to how the final product ended up. 

This was one of my favorite stories in the current ‘After Dusk’ collection – The pieces are titled ‘Time To Dance’, and the muse these where designed for, was a non traditional, ethereal bride. She steer away from a traditonal white gown & may wear gold, or if she did wear white, it would be Spanish inspired… Think Margherita Missoni meets Kate Moss bride.

It is not always easy to combine metals in the type of jewelry we do, but when I begged & pleaded with our production house, the sampling manager told me he would try his best to bring to life my vision of gold roses on imitation rhodium silvers…. And that he did. Below you will see my original mood boards, followed by the finished story. A lot of the roses are hand plaited & painted to ensure the diversity of the metal colours.

This story has pieces for everyone from your junior bridesmaids / flowergirls, bridesmaids, mother of the bride & of course, the bride in the chandelier shoulder dusters.

 It’s time to dance, where the wild things grow. – SWx

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