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#HEFORSHE Emma Watson’s recent speech on women’s rights at the United Nations Summit, raised many incredible issues – one of the most powerful was that the word ‘feminist’ had become associated with man hating. Over the years, the word, which simply means that women should be entitled to equal rights as men, has been tarnished. Emma called to talk with the men in our life, brothers, fathers, sons, Uncles & to encourage them to speak up. Many celebrity males have raised their hands & said they are feminists – which I think is truly awesome. To have people of profile take a stand in a bid to start to break down this barrier is a great step forward.


One (of many things) I have learnt from one of my best friends, Freya, is that while all the hype & energy around people of profile taking a stand & speaking up are great, it is the day to day actions people make & the language we choose to use which will start to evoke change. While the power of change will not happen overnight, I feel that Emma’s speech & the waterfall effect of the conversations stemming from that have started a momentum at a very macro level.

It is now up to us to share the message, and bring light to the topic of equal rights & feminism, and as I said in a recent Instagram post, if the word feminism still doesn’t sit ok with you, substitute it to ‘Equal Rights Ambassador’.

My heart is full to be able to publish this post, from the men we at SAMANTHA WILLS are lucky enough to share work space with; our colleagues, our friends. 

Share the #HeForShe message with the men in your life, because gender equality should be a human right.

Real men are feminists. – SWx

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