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  • How To: Do Hoops

    We're sure the word 'hoops' conjures up images of JLo, circa 2000 (teamed with some sort of low-slung cargo pant ensemble) - but don't get hung up on that era, because this earring style is back in a ...

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  • The 3 Fine Trends To Try Now

    If you love the finer things in life (we're talking jewels) and have seen fine trends come and go with no idea on how to style it on yourself, we're here to help!

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  • White Opal Is Here

    Everything you need to know about the newest stone in the SAMANTHA WILLS family (plus, the fine new styles it features in!)

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  • Top 5 Bridal Earrings

    We ummed and ahhed (and took an office poll), and we've managed to narrow down the new bridal earring offering to a list of our top 5 styles. Are you a bride in a hurry? Read on!

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