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(Read: 5 things to know to SURVIVE planning an engagement party...) We picked the brain of professional magic maker Rosalie Molloy.

Look, I know this is a niche one, but bear with me! Getting engaged is OVERWHELMING! Besides being out of this world exciting, it comes with an immediate to-do list, and 52+ managers asking you for a constant update. Every conversation from this point onwards leads with ‘so when’s the date’, and all your friends are tagging you in bridal memes. 

Cue the moments of sheer terror.

However, I was chatting to a friend recently and she really put this in perspective for me. There is a very short window in your life where you are a fiancé, and you have a fiancé. Maybe it’s a year, maybe it’s two or three but after that, you are forevermore a husband or wife. A formal party isn’t for everyone, but whatever you do, take this time, and just soak. It. Up. And celebrate.

Before you do, here are some things I probably should have known (but didn’t), mixed in with some little reminders in case you lose yourself in the excitement of it all.


Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) has an opinion and it is probably surprisingly traditional

Careful not to mention to your postie that you’re throwing one of these, because they’ve got something to say about it! The trick is to soak it all up but don’t feel the need to justify what you’d like to do. You never know, your postie could have a really killer idea!!


Think about what is truly ‘you’ and work out your non-negotiables

Don’t pick a venue that has a beverage package that doesn’t include rosè (god forbid!!) if that’s your go-to. For me, I absolutely didn’t want to have to finish the celebrations early to fit within a venue, so I opted to have it at home. I know not everyone has this luxury, but the takeaway is not to sacrifice the elements that you feel will make your night amazing because those will be the memories that you’ll hold onto.


You don’t have to wear white (but I did)

Don’t be led by what other people tell you, you ‘have’ to do; it’s so easy to be persuaded, but do your best to stand by what feels true to you and your partner. I can’t tell you how surprised I’ve been by all the ‘rules’. I wore white because I wear white every day anyway! (my friends will attest to this) Paired with vintage SAMANTHA WILLS hoops this felt like the most ‘me’ look.


Take every little bit of help that is offered to you

This is harder than it seems. I was so lucky to have friends and family that FORCED their help on me, literally by turning up to my home when I had told them not to worry. Is your future Mother in Law, a next level cook? Get her to work her magic on desserts. Does your girlfriend have beautiful handwriting? Get her on place cards or menus (depending how formal your celebration is).


Choose low maintenance when you can

I’m telling you, greenery is SO easy! That was almost the extent of my decorations - olive branches and beautiful green vines. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your stunning flowers wilting. We even did digital invitations, this worked so well for us, and paired well with how soft our celebrations were, we tried to keep it low key where we could – my fiance is probably going to scream if he ever reads this “LOW KEY!! ARE YOU KIDDING!!”.



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