Having being trained in TV presenting at NIDA, and studied voice work at the Max Rowley Media Academy, Samantha Wills has a talent for relatable storytelling with a commanding presence on stage, camera or screen. While these are all skills that are a given for a successful brand ambassador or spokesperson, it is not the main reason major brands have engaged her. Brands engage Samantha Wills because of her genuine understanding of successful brand communication and her natural, relatable and engaging way of doing so.

On one national campaign, it was down to three candidates. Putting the three candidates to market testing, Wills was the lesser known of the trio however when the results returned Wills was the hands down front runner with the market tested commentary stating that she was the only one that consumers felt talked ‘with’ them, rather than ‘to’ them. It was powerful feedback, and solidified Samantha’s commercial presence as “accessibly aspirational”, a testament to her authenticity in her personal brand and down to earth nature.

Having established one of Australia’s most loved accessories brands, Samantha’s voice, writing and projects reach her amassed database of over half a million people.

Samantha is inspired about working with brands that have authentic and impactful messaging. She is especially focused on projects that centre around empowering women, supporting small business owners and initiatives that support the arts and is passionate to use her platforms and voice to communicate them.

Samantha Wills is Represented By 22MGMT | +61 2 9211 1322