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Established in Sydney Australia, Samantha launched the brand officially at Australian Fashion Week in 2004, at only 22 years of age. 

The SAMANTHA WILLS brand quickly gained a cult following internationally, having been worn by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Rhianna, Eva Mendes and JLO. Securing the brand's place firmly on the global stage in 2010, Wills was asked to design earrings for Sex and the City, subsequently, the New York Times hailed Wills a breakout star in 2011. The SAMANTHA WILLS brand has been profiled in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and InStyle, and in 2013 was named as Best Accessory Brand by Readers Choice at the Prix De Marie Claire Awards.

Wills designs jewellery that is true to her personal style of luxe-bohemian. A merging of her coastal upbringing in Australia, and her now cosmopolitan life in New York City. 

With the brand going from strength to strength, at SAMANTHA WILLS you will find our signature style infused into statement, fine and bridal jewels. Using the beauty of natural and semi-precious stones paired with lashings of gold, rose and silver metals to create a look that is both intricate and polished. With a design philosophy based on juxtaposition, the SAMANTHA WILLS is the go-to brand for luxe-bohemian jewellery.

The brand is now known as much for its luxe-bohemian designs as it is for it's down to earth nature; adamant that women don’t want to be spoken to, but rather be part of the conversation. 


SAMANTHA WILLS, Founder and Creative Director

At only 21 years of age, Samantha Wills founded her own self-titled accessories (jewellery) company. An instant hit with media and customers alike, Wills quickly gained a high profile in the media spotlight as one of Australia’s most dynamic designers.

Having her jewellery featured in Sex and The City, thrust Wills onto the International stage, and she was shortly after declared a 'Break Out Star' by the New York Times.

Wills’ online voice is natural and down to earth, whilst her imagery and jet-setting lifestyle are glamorous. This unique mix of aspiration and approachability in her tone of voice has become bankable property, with brands such as Mount Franklin and Nespresso engaging Samantha to not only front their campaigns as a spokesperson, but also work across the projects creatively. In 2015, Wills was appointed Creative Director spokesperson for iconic Australian sparkling wine brand Yellowglen. Most recently, Telco giant Optus signed Samantha as the face of their national 'Believe Big' campaign, alongside Mark Wahlberg.

With a cult following, Samantha is regarded as highly for her designs as she is for as her transparency. In sharing her story from small town Port Macquarie to New York City, Wills speaks openly on the notion that there is no need for what we do, that it's a luxury to be able to be able to work in this industry (fashion) that is a 'for want' industry'. A regular keynote speaker at conferences globally that focus on women in business, Wills also often shares her inspiring story with young women, championing the message; 'Young girls with dreams, become women with vision.' By doing so, she hopes to encourage young women to chase their dreams with aggression, persistence and hard work, regardless of their background. It was with this message in mind that she launched her newest project, The SAMANTHA WILLS FOUNDATION: Empowering Women In Business - an online forum designed to inspire and connect young entrepreneurs (young in the journey, not defining of age):

Tipped to become 'Australia's biggest export since Vegemite' by fashion writer Inez Mendoza, Samantha is one of Australia's most successful and inspiring names, and most recently was nominated for the 2016 Australian Of The Year Awards.

“Living between her two homes in New York City and Sydney, Samantha’s signature style and inspiring story have a cult following world-wide.”



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