SAMANTHA WILLS jewellery is hand made - the metal components we use are either brass or metal alloy & are all hand-plated with an imitation gold, rose gold or silver finish. All earring hooks and posts are nickel free. When sourcing our components all caution is taken to purchase nickel free, however, we advise that traces may still be found in our jewellery.

SAMANTHA WILLS FINE jewellery is created with sterling silver or brass and is hand-plated with precious metals. 

Always keep your SAMANTHA WILLS jewellery stored in a safe place, hang earrings when you are not wearing them & keep all jewellery products away from perfume, lotions, hairspray or other liquids. Pieces may be delicate so care should be taken when wearing & storing. Damage from careless wear/storage (including water damage) is not the responsibility of SAMANTHA WILLS, nor is the misplacement of any piece.


All our exquisite stones and crystals are cut by hand, and as such, each piece will vary slightly. The beauty of our jewellery is that like you, no two pieces are identical, so please keep that in mind when selecting your piece. Please take special care of stone and crystal pieces & keep away from perfume, lotions, hairspray or other liquids.


We source our leathers from all over the world to find the most suitable leather for each specific product. We highly recommend you spray your new SAMANTHA WILLS leather product with a quality leather protector & continue to condition it with a leather cream. Please do not condition or moisturise metallic leather. Avoid getting moisture on any metal hard wear, including the zips, embellishments & buckles. Our leather is intended to develop a vintage look with wear. Be aware that light colour leather marks easily, so extra care should be taken


Each SAMANTHA WILLS product is carefully hand constructed from the highest quality materials. Given the delicate nature of a hand-made process, we offer the following warranty periods on our items. Please note that these are applicable from the date of purchase.

  • 6 months on all jewellery pieces
  • 12 months on all homewares (including the jewellery chest)
  • 12 months on all eyewear

This warranty covers manufacturing faults (but does not cover neglect or wear & tear) and we will at our discretion replace or repair your damaged product.

Please contact us directly regarding any warranty claim on info@samanthawills.com.au or +61 2 9690 2122.