If you've been following Samantha on Instagram, you would have seen the very lucky winner of our #EscapeToFashionWeek competition, Salita Matthews, hanging out with SW in NYC last weekend (on a -14c day!). To give us an insight into her trip and amazing prize pack (including business class flights on Qantas), Salita shares all with us here.


Having never won anything in my life, it came as a complete and utter surprise when an email came through from the SAMANTHA WILLS head office earlier this month that I had won a trip to New York in the #EscapeToFashionWeek competition! Me? I won?? From 15,000 entries and I won??! Needless to say, I had no hesitation in saying yes and within a week I was whisked off to New York City, flying Qantas airways with my mum as my sidekick. Travelling business class nonetheless! #Fancy

The Qantas journey from Brisbane to New York was one sweet ride! I’m not sure which part I enjoyed the most… Was it the delicious meals they served us? Or was it the flowing champagne? Or was it the super comfortable grey marle Qantas pyjamas they gave us to wear? Or perhaps it was the fact that I could lie horizontal and snooze for two thirds of the trip there? I’m not sure, but do I know for a fact that I could definitely do it again and again… 

We landed in New York on what happened to be one of the coldest weekends since who knows when, but in the excitement of the moment we abandoned our fears of the cold and hit the streets in search of shops and food! Our super stylish accommodation, Hotel Americano, located in Chelsea was the perfect spot to have as our base for the week, being within walking distance to everything we could possibly desire. Our first stop was the incredible Chelsea Markets, where we gorged on decadent lobster rolls and ogled all of the beautiful flowers for sale.

The highlight of the trip for me was looking forward to meeting the amazing Samantha Wills on our second day there. So, in order to prepare myself to meet the glamazon herself, I was lucky enough to pay a visit to the Original Mineral salon where I had my hair blow dried to perfection and my nails done, just in time for our rendezvous… Ooh la la!

Following my pamper session, Mum and I nearly froze to death once we stepped outside! It was a bone chilling, minus 12 degrees celsius! Never had we experienced such cold before, but we soldiered on and blustered our way towards the Tipsy Parson where we were about to meet Samantha. 

Upon entering, Mum spotted a beautiful, sunny blonde sitting in the corner. It was Samantha! Having looked up to her for so long from afar, it was such an honour to finally meet her in person and also to have her live up to, and beyond my expectations. Driven, natural, charming, intelligent and down to earth are just a few words I can use to describe the girl. With her unaffected Aussie accent, Samantha and I laughed, shared stories, had a few drinks and chatted into the night. Such fun! In fact, I had a little too much fun and totally forgot to get some photos with her! Luckily Samantha remembered to get a shot. 

The rest of our trip was spent in a whirlwind of shopping, dining and romping through the snow! What a gorgeous sight it was and so foreign to this girl from the Sunshine Coast.

A relaxing journey home with Qantas made the 30+ hour trip seem like 3 hours! I woke up to find us flying over Queensland and back onto home soil. Now that I’m home, I’m looking forward to spending my additional prize of a $1000 voucher at David Jones! I think I can hear that Chloe bag calling out my name…

I wholeheartedly want to thank Samantha, the team at SAMANTHA WILLS and Qantas for my wonderful holiday! What a brilliant experience it was!

Salita x

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