I discovered this incredible project last year when I was referred to a beautiful bespoke florist, Saipua, in Brooklyn, NYC.


It’s fair to say I’m pretty obsessed with everything about this place. You can read more about the history yourself on the links to follow, but Worlds End Farm is located in upstate NYC, purchased by the owners of Saipua, Sarah and Eric (who live there with their dog, Nea).


Sarah had a desire to grow exquisite blooms to use in her work in their Brooklyn shopfront, but she was frustrated with the common flower offerings from the industry flower markets. So, she bought a farm to grow her own lovely blooms.

Sarah blogs about their journey in a very honest and raw way. I find it addictive to read, almost like reading a novel – she shares the beauty of the farm, but also the hardships and setbacks they encountered when tending land in extreme heat and snowy winters. Sarah and Eric welcome apprentices to stay on the property, and in exchange for food and board, you can learn about the land and the flowers and all that encompasses this project.


I fell in love with the imagery on their site, some of which you can see below. I am sharing this post on The Wedding Journal because I think the entire establishment would be the perfect place to hold a ceremony and reception. It is perfectly secluded, so you and your guests can dance in the fields under fairy lights or stars, until the moon becomes the sun – surrounded by nature and of course, incredible flowers.


Please read their story – it is one of beauty, honesty and inspiration. While Worlds End itself is not a wedding venue option, I wanted to share their story simply as inspiration for both wedding décor and location, and also for the beauty of following your dreams – for when you can’t find the flowers you want in your life, you can grow your own. Simply beautiful.


Let’s meet at midnight, at Worlds End. - SWx 



Need to send blooms in NYC? Or if you are planning an NYC wedding – A beautiful bloom recommendation is Saipua 





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