If you don’t already know, I am a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift. Of her music – yes, absolutely (I have had 1989 on repeat since release), but also of the person that she is & (in the absence of knowing her personally!) specifically the business person that she is.

At only 25 years of age, she has achieved things professionally that most musicians strive to accomplish in their entire career. She has proved the nay-sayers wrong, and has done so, all the way with dignity, raw talent, poise & professionalism.

Her ability to connect with her fans is like nothing I have seen. As the most successful artist in the world right now, she is not content to just rest on such incredible fame, but if you have heard any of her interviews, she is constantly actively sourcing new ways to engage her fans, interact with them, reward & thank them for their support. She recently opened up her homes to host some of her most die hard fans in a 1989 Secret Sessions, inviting fans into her personal environment to hear her new (then unreleased) album. Or infamously did a 13 hour meet and greet, where she had the stadium structured so fans could interact with different parts of her tour / wardrobe / tour bus, in the long line to meet her. 

I love brands. But I really love authentic brands – and Taylor Swift is next level in this department. SO – this post is to share some pictures I snapped, while in LA for work recently. Between appointments in Downtown LA, I jumped over to the Grammy Museum where there is currently (until May 10th, 2015) THE TAYLOR SWIFT EXPERIENCE EXHIBITION.

Thankyou for being so true to yourself, Taylor. You are a true inspiration.

With admiration – SWx

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