As a team building exercise, we recently gathered our amazing TEAM SW together, with the instruction to wear white & navy nautical inspired outfits as we hit Sydney’s iconic harbour. 

Splitting the team into three groups of seven, we set sail on yachts under the Harbour Bridge & around to Rose Bay to the official start of what was the First Annual SW Regatta! The task was to sail to Watsons Bay & back, with two separate check points. For anyone who thought this was a chill day on the harbor got to thinking differently after the official horn went, signalling the start! The wind caught the sails & I shit you not, the boat flipped to a horizontal position! Our cheese plates & Yellowglen Piccolos went flying down below & we all white knuckled it for the first five minutes!

Now, I can only type this from the position of being on boat COLORADO, but my team was not there to cross the finish line behind anyone! We got our groove & the wind was perfect to see us cross both check points first! Like all business partners, mine decided to contest our win claiming the boat he was skippering was unfairly cut off (by yours truly)…  And while I can’t put my hand on my heart & say that isn’t something I would do, turns out it wasn’t (for the record!) but here's the twist… As with all freakishly talented champions (ahem, Lance Armstrong) it turns out the COLORADO was not on the same level as her competitors, and that our boat needed to have a handicap added given we had a ‘faster’ boat….

When all was said and done, it was an equal first. With our amazing GM Lucinda’s boat coming in third – but her boat had the best stories… and no wine left (through consumption, not due to high seas!) – so it turns out we were all winners on the day!

Thank you to our amazing team for all you do (on & off the water!) & to all the professional skippers at Sydney By Sail who accompanied us out on the water!

Land Ahoy! – SWx

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