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DAY 4 | SPEND $99+, SAVE $20 | SPEND $199+, SAVE $50 | SPEND $299+, SAVE $100



 Flowers are such an integral part of a wedding, they help to create ambience and add colour and texture where needed. That’s why we love suppliers that channel their incredible creative talents into their craft. Sheridan Tjhung is the self-taught Perth based florist behind Sheridan Tjhung Florals, whose bold and artistic conceptual designs are a brides true floral dream realised.

Sheridan specialises in made to order arrangements and conceptual event installations with much of her work featuring at local fashion shows and gallery exhibitions. Her bouquets and intricate creations are undoubtedly captivating and sometimes portray a brooding undertone and dreamlike quality.

How long have you worked in floristry?

 I am actually self-taught. August this year marked my one year of 'official' business trade.

What do you often suggest for brides who are unsure what direction to take with their floral arrangements?

Keep it simple and be dare to be different! Hanging floral installations are awesome at doing just that. Also don't be afraid to liaise with your florist and get some ideas rolling. 

What are some common assumptions brides sometimes make when picking their wedding day blooms?

Unfortunately flowers are seasonal. So check with your florist first to prevent any broken floral dreams.  

How long in advance should brides plan their flowers?

I suggest three to six months. Long enough to give sufficient notice, but short enough so you wont change your mind.


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