If you follow me on Inst, I have recently been guilty of spamming your feed with my European summer adventures, as I was on that side of the world for my friends wedding, and don’t worry, I made the most of it!

This entry is my photo diary from Paree! I wouldn’t say I am an expert on Paris, I have only visited twice (so far!) but here are some things I suggest….

If you love a break basket, or cheese, or wine….. or any other things that are a moments pleasure on the lips & forever on the hips -  as much as Paris is your spirit city! They. Serve. Bread. With. Everything… And. Its. Amazing…. They bring bread baskets like the snake tempted Adam with the apple – seriously. There is no escaping it! There are side walk café’s for days, I suggest trying as many as you can – stopping for a wine at one, lunch for the next, champagne the following, cappuccinos & then dinner.

As touristy as it is (and I suggest this in every city!) is the get-on-get-off bus tour. It is a great way to get your bearings of the city & see all the sights, then you can plan which ones you want to go back & spend more time visiting. It also allows you to learn a bit of history along the way.

OBVIOUSLY the Eiffel tower is on everyones list. Some alternate ways to spend time with her, is packing a baguette, cheese & bottle of wine & having a picnic on the lawns in front of her… my favorite time for the Eiffel is between 11pm & 1am, where she lights up in glitter on the hour for 5 minutes – get your slo-mo camera ready for some beautiful photo ops.

You must check out a gallery when you are there, one at the very least! I caught the Kenndey + Jackie exhibition, I loved it! It was all in French, but they have translation books for those of us who wished they knew the language! 

Euros are not real currency – as far as I’m concerned…. I wouldn’t say this is fact, but it is gospel to me – and as such, while most people buy a tea towel or tea spoon to mark vacation memories, I choose Paris as the place to buy handbags, from their native homeland. This trip, I parted with a months worth of rent to take home the FAYE bag by Chloè …. I am eating toasted sandwiches for the next few weeks – but some things are worth saving money on toasted sandwiches for! 

I stayed at Hotel Keppler – it is super close to the Arch De Triump & Eiffel… as well as the Champs-Élysées. My other area suggestion would be St Germain.

The Four Season is as stunning as it is expensive….. Go there for a drink, two if you are prepared to sell an internal organ to pay for it – its off the dial gorgeous.

Paris is like no other place on earth, winding streets where beautiful adventure awaits around every corner. Parisian style is the epitome of effortless glamour, and while it is stunning in the sunshines, I love Paris in the rain…..

I love Paris in the springtime

I love Paris in the fall

I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles

I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles

Book a ticket, take the adventure - SWx

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