I am thrilled to be partnering with Club Med again, showcasing all of my favorite things in their Exclusive Collection of Villas & Chalets, in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

french alps 

Last year, I showed you all my favorite things from paradise at the The Finolhu Villas in the Maldives and this year I am beyond excited to take you to a true winter wonderland at The Valmorel Chalets, in the stunning French Alps.

 french alps

I grew up in a small beach town in Australia, and now living in NYC, I get to experience snow (still a novelty to me!) every winter… But nothing prepares you for the breathtaking beauty of the Alps. It. Is. Truly. Breathtaking.

french alpsfrench alpsFrench Alpsfrench alpsfrench alpsfrench alpsfrench alps


At Club Med Valmorel, there are accommodation options spanning all budgets. The Chalets are the ultimate luxury option & sit at the top of the property…. Annnnnnnd when you check into your Chalet, you get your very own butler. I’m not talking about a virtual-butler-app-push-a-button-to-get-room-service type of butler. I am talking about a real life butler, who will unpack your bags when you arrive so you instantly feel at home, will be upstairs in your Chalet’s kitchen when you wake up, with the open fire place roaring & cooking your whatever you would like for breakfast, and have your favorite type of Nespresso coffee steaming hot for you to enjoy before heading out for the day. That same butler will also be back at your chalet at your specified time in the afternoon to prepare you the most delicious afternoon tea, a different delicious every day from a local patisserie, that you enjoy by your fire place after your day of alpine adventuring (or spa treatments!). Then when you are out at dinner, your chalet will be magically turned into a haven of relaxation ready for slumber, with nothing left for you to do but to slip into your turned down bed, enjoy the gourmet chocolate on your pillow, and dream away on your bed that feels like a cloud, so you are rested to do it all over again the next day. THAT type of butler.

 french alps


Club Med is known for its all inclusive holidays. The Chalets at Valmorel are obviously included in this, however their location on the property sits at the top of the resort, where your private balcony looks down over all the happenings. Like the butler privilege, there is also a driver on call, to whizz you back & fourth from the village, where you enjoy an open bar & all dining, inclusive in your experience. In full disclosure, the word ‘buffet’ scares me. To me, it is reminiscent of primary school birthday parties at Pizza Hut… Trays of cold pizza, wilted salad & as much soft serve ice-cream you could physically whip into your bowl…. So I am going to refrain from using the dreaded ‘B’ word, and try to explain to you the luxury that is Club Med Valmorels all inclusive dining; Imagine a collective little gourmet restaurants… Italian, Japanese, Seafood, Home Style Roast, French, a salad & juice bar… A bakery, a patisserie & a locally, hand made ice-cream parlour. Now imagine all these little gourmet restaurants where in a large room, like individual pop-up spaces, each with their own team of chefs, preparing the food there in front you, fresh fish going from grill to you plate, the cheese on the pizza’s bubbling as they are taken straight out of the oven, French baguettes at the bakery so addictive you are convinced they must contain something illegal, and a patisserie offering that is more like edible art…. And no soft serve here; choose from 8 flavors & the hand made ice-cream is served to you parlor style, by an ice cream connoisseur…. What you CAN do for yourself (I mean, word from the wise; it is VERY hard to get back into normal life after spending a week in this heavenly experience!) is scoop your own warm chocolate from the fondue fountain (it alternates between milk & white chocolate) to drizzle over your ice cream…. Me? I’m a Mint-Choc-Chip-with-warm-milk-chocolate-topping kinda gal.

 french alpsfrench alps

So that gives you an idea of the type of luxury you will experience by checking into the Club Med Valmorel Chalets, but I have two things that I love even more that I want to share with you. If you’re like me – you have a bucket list. My current bucket list is made up of incredible experiences, Scuba dive with manta rays, wake up in one of those bungalows that stretch out over aqua waters, like the ones I had seen on pinterest a million times over, learn to snowboard, have lunch on the top of a snow covered mountain in the French Alps, with views to mountain tops in Italy….You get the drift. Sometimes you don’t know where to start with your bucket list items, and find yourself wishing you had someone just to tell you where to go, what to do, and how to do it. The experience of Club Med is that for me, and should you wish to do it in a 5 star way; Their Exclusive Collection of Villas & Chalets, allow you to do so in the utmost luxury.

 french alps


The second thing, is how truly, genuinely warm & lovely the Club Med team are. I am lucky enough to travel a lot for work & pleasure, and from all my travels, the hospitality & focus on people is incomparable to how the team at Club Med treats their guests. Bear with me as I jump out of vacation-mode & quickly defer to business mode. I have a business, I am involved in a few businesses, I love learning about business. One of my favorite areas to learn more about how other businesses do things, is in their customer engagement focus, strategy & above all, mindset. On this trip, in speaking with some of the Club Med team, I learnt that everyone who works for Club Med signs a contract that states that they will do everything they can to ensure the guests are having an awesome time, to make sure the guests are smiling. How incredible is that? The second thing I thought was very cool, was how the company structures their reporting pyramid… From the majority of their team (and it’s a big one!), to their managers, to senior management who report into the executive manager of the entire resort…. Then at the top of the pyramid; Us. The Customers. With that focus on customer experience, in addition to having experienced 5 star luxury, having enjoyed some amazing cuisines, wine & cocktails, ticking some breath taking stuff off my bucket list (snowboarding down from over 2000ft in the French Alps!? Tick!) You leave with a full heart & new friends, both other guests at the resort, & also members the Club Med team. It’s hard to explain – But when you experience it, you will know exactly what I mean… And if you are Les Chalets Club Med de Valmorel bound, be sure to say hello to my new friends there; Laura & Thibault – Who made our stay so spectacularly incredible.

 french alps



Not a skier or snowboarder…. Neither was I! But I wanted to be! Snowboarding was one of those things I’d always said I wanted to do, and what cooler place to learn the sport then in the French Alps?! So with 5 private lessons booked, the fear of god, and determination to be able to at the very least snowboard down a kiddies slope, I put my big girl snow pants on, and met my instructor Laurent (picture; a French Justin Timberlake. I know, poor me!) for him to impart his 16 years of ski / snow board instructor knowledge to me.

 french alps

My first lesson started on the kids slope; The Piou Piou (meaning tiny bird).  There is NOTHING tiny about this bird, I am 5’10” in the shade, and if the fear on my face was not an indicator, my finger nails digging into his arm where. Laurent assured me, that in the coming days we would be up there *points to French Alps glacial sized mountain. I said he was kind to say such lies, and we got to work.

 french alps

And guess what, by day 3 we were up 2000ft on the mountain! My dismounts from certain chair lifts required just as much work as my fledging Olympic snowboarding career, but it was INCREDIBLE! Flying (sometimes falling) down the mountain, surfing on snow, with pine tree branches with white dustings, and the world famous Mont Blanc mountain in view. It was so surreal. No words I find will do it justice. On my last lesson on day 5, Laurent had me speeding down the mountain, and on the final run, pointed over to what now looked like a flat plateau of snow, the Piou Piou. It was an incredible feeling, to think on five days before that was my starting ground. Like all graduates of the Piou Piou, admittedly most of them where aged under 5 years old, Laurent gave me my own Piou Piou medal as a symbol of how far I had come in only a few days. I pinned on the inside of my jacket, and while going up in the lift solo the next day, I took a glance at and felt pretty damn good.

french alps

While I may not make the next Olympic team, I definitely will now be snowboarding at any chance I get, plus its one more thing I can tick off my bucket list. With the gratitude to Laurent for his patience, & empathy… And for not laughing (on the outside) when I stacked it off the chair lift. J

french alps 


SO there are my favorite things & recommendations from my time at Les Chalets Club Med de Valmorel.  If you are wanting a winter wonderland adventure, and granted there are many places in the world where snow falls, but at Club Med Valmorel you get to experience all these things in the French Alps (And as the ancient French proverb goes, Snowboard & Ski instructors in the French Alps are all French Gods of the snow (read; Really Hot). So whether you want to tick some alpine adventuring off your bucket list, experience pure luxury by the fire place as the snow falls outside, eat gourmet cheese & the best breads you will ever taste with every meal, enjoy wine on a snowy mountain top whilst overlooking the Mont Blanc (You can do this even if you are not a skier / snowboarder), or if you simply want to road test a new treatment on the spa menu daily & have the best seat in the house to watch the final runs of the day; the outdoor Jacuzzi…. Then The Valmorel Chalets, in the stunning French Alps are waiting for you. – SWx

french alps

See more of the #ClubMed experience on Instagram @ClubMed @ClubMedValmorel






Adjective; beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful & perfect.



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For most modern day brides, finding a luxe bonbonierre with a point of difference is a difficult task. We may have found the perfect gift (that your guests will actually want to use!), in our favourite new soaps, Maple Soaps. We recently sat down with founder Jenna, an ex-florist, who shared some tips learnt over her past 7 years in the wedding industry.

How long have you worked in the industry?

Prior to starting MAPLE almost 3 years ago I also worked as a florist and have been involved in lots of amazing weddings over the past 7 years. I've been lucky enough to have helped create so many different styles of weddings which has given me a bit of extra knowledge in the industry.

What inspired you to join the industry?

During the planning of my own wedding, I decided to create some custom made soaps for my guests and favors. After our honeymoon I came back to work and started receiving emails from other brides who had seen them on social media and wanted the same thing! I love being creative and working with brides to come up with unique gifts for their friends and family.

What is your signature product?

For weddings our Rose Geranium soap is the winner as the fragrance is so soft and romantic.

How do you work with a bride to put together a unique/personalised product?

We discuss what the brides overall look is and try to compliment that.  The colours, textures, location, the flowers on the table, all those things are great to reference so that on the day the styling looks streamlined across all elements. We've been told by so many brides that their whole reception room smelt like roses and it's so great to hear that our little soaps can have such a nice impact like that.

 What are your suggestions for how a bride can incorporate her personal style into her wedding? 

Choose a style and run with that - keep it simple. I've seen so many weddings where its a bit tropical/ a bit rustic/ and bit of something else! It can end up looking messy if you try to incorporate too many things.  A crispy white tablecloth, gorgeous blooms, a few candles, great wine... and of course MAPLE soap favors and you're done!



We are so excited to announce our money can't buy competition, just launched at samanthawills.com! With our friends at QANTAS & Vogue Australia, we are sending one lucky winner and a friend to NYC to experience the concrete jungle at a time when it is most alive; during Fashion Week. Flying in the most luxe of ways (on QANTAS, of course), not only will you receive a prize pack worth $10,000 (including goodies from David Jones, Burberry & Original Mineral), you will also enjoy cocktails with Samantha herself and receive the best tips this (very fashionable) NYC resident has to offer.

In the meantime, Samantha has given us an insight into some of her favourite spots in NYC, whatever your mood (and whether or not you're a tourist or a long time resident!).


I’m a Downtown girl! I’ve been living in New York City’s Meatpacking District for 5 years now – I design all of our collections in my loft apartment that has a small studio set up in it.  From bars & restaurants to fitness (to work off the cocktails!) here are my recommendations for Downtown Manhattan!


MALAPARTE – West Village - 753 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

Without a doubt the restaurant I eat most at in NYC! Coastal Italian, and THE most delicious grilled calamari you will ever come across!

Cash Only (as all the best Italian places are!)

BESPOKE KITCHEN – West Village - 615 Hudston Street, New York, NY 10014

A new edition to the neighbourhood, with delicious cocktails and a menu catered just to YOU! Choose your meat (or vegetables), your preference of light or heavy flavour and let your waiter know what you want excluded (gluten free, diary, shellfish etc). From this, the chef will create a bespoke meal based on your selections for each person at the table!

BUDDAKAN - 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Touristy? Yes. But you can blame Big & Carrie for having their engagement dinner there? DO NOT miss out on going – if only for the Edamame Dumplings alone. I order 3 plates just for myself. They will change your life. You’re welcome.

THE SPOTTED PIG - 314 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014

Good for celebrity spotting - you will have more than enough time to look as the wait is never less than 1.5 hrs to dine there.

THE OTHER ROOM - 143 Perry St, New York, NY 10014

A gorgeous little wine bar, with an awesome vibe. Perfect for pre or post dinner drinks.


KAVA – 803 Washington St, New York, NY, 10014

I am at KAVA at least once a day. My coffee of choice: an almond milk flat white. Hopefully James is there; if he is, tell him I say hi.

FIKA - 555 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY 10011

You will find these dotted around the city - REALLY. GOOD. COFFEE. I call past the one on 6th ave on my way home from SOUL CYCLE. Walk past the Starbucks, find a FIKA. You’ll thank me for it.



At its most beautiful in summer, but worth a walk at any time of the year – go from Meatpacking to Midtown along the Highline. Nature, art & often live performances await.


THE WHITNEY - 99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014

Downtown's newest place to get your culture fix. Go for the art, stay for the sunset view from the rooftop bar.



I love to run along the Hudson River - if you aren’t catching a rooftop sunset, I would suggest doing the Hudson River run (or walk) around sundown. It’s a beautiful sight!


My BFF got me onto SOUL CYCLE & I’m beyond obsessed. I ride about 6 times a week. My all time favorite instructor is Mantas - when you high five him after class, tell him I sent you! My other suggestion is to also look at the theme rides – a full ride to Taylor Swift music? Yes.


No matter if you are staying in an Air Bnb, with a friend or in a hotel – Fresh flowers are so accessible in NYC! With every corner sporting a bodega, pick up fresh roses for $10 a bunch, or if you find yourself in the flower district (28th between 6th & 7th) walk along to find your perfect bloom from the wholesalers.



CHLOE & BLOOMINGDALES in Soho are my first stops! You can get lost (and spend the equivalent of a house deposit in the SOHO streets!)


O+M SALON - 55 Little W 12th St, New York, NY 10014

The best in the business. I get my colour, cuts & blow outs done with Janelle at O+M. An Aussie brand doing amazing things in the big apple. Make your appointment now (and be sure to pick up my fave product ‘Surf Bomb’ when you are there).


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I am so excited to launch the digital, shoppable version of the first issue of our magazine, just in time for you to shop for the holidays! It is a compilation of all things SW – featuring our latest FINE collection ‘Pania’, featuring the gorgeous Inka Williams, a peek at our new homewares range, I answered your #ASKSW questions and much, much more! Wishing you a beautiful Summer/Winter ahead…


Inka Williams wears rings and earrings from our PANIA collection

What’s fresh and new at SAMANTHA WILLS? From elegant eyewear to specialised stones, look no further than her essential edit, right here.


Shop our PANIA collection

You asked, and Samantha delivered. Find out what you didn’t know already, right here, as SW answers some of the questions put forward via Instagram. #ASKSW 

Q: How do you keep inspired to create? (@the.naked.minds)

A: I am truly inspired by all of our followers, who so graciously show me how they are wearing their SW everyday on Instagram! It could be the tiniest things that trigger a whole new line, collection or palette!

Q: What’s the key to staying relevant in such a competitive market while also staying true to yourself and your brand? (@elizampumfrey)

A: I think continually moving forward in all aspects of your business. Those who stay stagnant get eclipsed very quickly. I think it is easy to stay true to the brand when it is someones name/aesthetic, in this case it’s my own name, so all products & expansions need to feel organic to me & my style – so it’s a very natural process.

Q: What makes a great work environment for you? (@vanilla_girl) 

A: Some place minimal & white, because it feels like a blank canvas for coming up with big ideas!

Q: The signature bohemian Bardot ring – how did you come up with its design and did you ever think people around the world will start collecting it in every colour?(@amysworldhk)

A: I think the teardrop shape is very feminine, it actually started as a triple drop earring, then I made it into a single ring. I credit the fact that it became signature to Eva Mendes, when she wore it, it really put the brand, and the style on the map –making it our signature piece! 

Q: Who is the biggest inspiration in your life and why? (@crazy_for_swayze)

A: Definitely the greater SW community. They (you guys!) are the ones who keep me going. On days when I feel like throwing it all in, I read an Insta post, or get sent a card or letter (like the one you sent me recently!) telling me that something I said or did inspired them & that’s what it is all about. If I can inspire people with my story, that is the best outcome.  

Q: How do you find A WORK/LIFE balance? (@krystie_lilymoo) 

A: There is no such thing! I think the best thing to do is see how closely you can actually fuse the two, so that you can make the most of utilising technology & time.

Q: Name five things you own that are special to you and why? (@lightsoverbruna)

A: 1. My Louis Vuitton monogram bag – I use this piece of luggage so much! 2. A Willow pattern mug that was my great grandfathers shaving mug. 3. My Mum’s wedding ring – we misplaced it for about 8 years so to find it again makes it even more special! 4. My guitar – I have only just started, but I find it to be a really great escape, and that is special to me. 5. My leather jacket – it’s about 7 years old now, and it has travelled the world with me!

Q: What are the main pieces of jewellery every woman should own? (@erin__alyce)

A: I think earrings are important, because they frame the face. A go-to cocktail rings is also good, as you can change the feel of a look with it. 

Q: We love seeing others’ fave SW pieces and would love to see yours! What are your favourites? (@charlie_alpha_sierra)

A: This is like asking me to choose my favorite child! Definitely the Bardot, it’s such a defining piece for the brand. I am living in the FINE collection of late, and a favourite is definitely the Beautiful Mantra bar necklaces.  

Q: What advice would you give to someone if they wanted to change their career and felt as though they couldn’t? (@msvicjane)

A: My advice is there is probably never going to be a ‘right time’. There is risk involved, and you will need to step outside your comfort zone, but that is the beauty of life. Take the leap, build your wings on the way. 

One of our most popular styles, the SW mineral necklace, is back and features stunning new stonesAmazonite, Crystal Quartz, Onyx & Rose Gold, Pyrite and Tigers Eye. Oh, and remember all of our jewels come beautifully packaged in our bespoke, mango wood boxes, hand carved in a local village in Saharanpur, Northern India.

Game-changing statement pieces, evoking a striking mix of charm and attitude – experience the drama of MOLTEN LUNA.


The first collection of tech accessories, in collaboration with MOVE is here, and as stunning as you’d expect. Featuring etched wood, marble and metal textures, designed for iPhone 6, iPad Mini, iPad & MacBook air 13” laptops.



Style with ROSE GOLD jewels

New shapes. Check. Trend-setting lenses. Check. Luxurious edge. Check. There isn’t much that the new SAMANTHA WILLS range doesn’t have to offer. Eyewear? Right here, and shot in the paradise that is Tulum, Mexico 

ABOVE: DREW frames in Rose Gold – Gloss metallic pearl. Polished rose gold metal. Multilayer rose gold lens: super chic.

ABOVE: TALLULAH frames. Transparent gradient brown frames with matching lenses – the versatile colourway for Summer.

ABOVE: DREW frames in Gloss Black. Inspired by another era – sit back, relax and absorb the rays in style.

ABOVE: INDIGO in Gold Blush Glitter – Sparkle this season with gold glitter and blush frames, complimented by a neutral ombré lens.

From top, left to right: 

“I will be wearing these oversized dark chocolate tortoise shell frames with every outfit”. SHOP PRIMROSE in tort glitter black

“Mirrored frames are a must this season, and here they are softened by a round frame”. SHOP TALLULAH in black.

“You can decide on the perfect pair for your face shape with the help of our illustrations guide, only found on our website – go explore”.

“Our SW insignia logo is beautifully crafted on to the side of every pair in a gold finish”.

“Antiscians features masculine and feminine shapes, catering for every type of SW woman. Angular or circular, they make the perfect gift for the holiday season”. 


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The new SW Homewares collection has just launched online, offering a unique composition of the fusion between bohemian elements and luxe finishes. Comprised of natural crystal agate bookends, carved wooden photo frames, raw cut crystals and coasters dipped in sparkling metals, the collection draws on the natural occurrences of each stone. Shop Samantha's favourites from the images below, and see how she mixes them with luxe bohemian elements in her NYC apartment.











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I am lucky enough to travel a lot for my job, sometimes so much it feels like my life is spent on a plane. And probably for that reason, I wanted to check out for a bit – and that in my opinion require going somewhere far away…Not always in distance, by far away from your normal existence. My Soul Cycle Instructor and friend, Mantas Zvinas told me about a company he was apart of starting; SurfYogaBeer – Fitness Retreats Worldwide was doing a group trip to where the jungle meets the sea… Nosara Beach, Costa Rica. I booked my plane ticket that day. 

SurfYogaBeer is my ideal mix of ocean time (learning to surf was on my bucket list going into this trip), adventure, fitness & self reflection & sociability of cocktails & local dining with other people in the group. 

I wanted to travel somewhere where my mind was inspired creatively, but more so was able to check out of work mode & forward planning, and into ’now mode’ and doing things both outside my comfort zone & that I had never done before.  As I type this from my apartment in NYC having returned from paradise last night, I can feel my tan fading already, but feeling refreshed & clear of mind in a way I have not felt before. 

The retreat was five days, in bohemian style accommodation that required no more than a backpack, a bikini, sunscreen & mosquito spray! I caught more waves then I wiped out on, I hiked in the jungle & I climbed a waterfall. I kayaked down a jungle river that had alligators in it! I practiced yoga, I saw the sun set through beautiful storm clouds from the middle of the ocean. I ate local cuisine & drank too many delicious cocktails (Malibu Rum is alive & well in Costa Rica! My dream!) I had the best massage of my life (At Bohdi Tree if you are ever in Nosara!), I drank $1 coconuts, I made many new friends, I heard a lot of their stories, and I saw that everyone is dealing with their own sh*t. Whether their reasoning for being at this retreat was the same as mine or not, what I know it allowed everyone to do, was step outside their day to day life & get perspective. And I think that is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. 

Biggest thank you to the incredible people I met on this adventure, and special thanks to Mantas & the SYB crew for everything you guys do. 

Sometimes to see things clearer, you have to go off the trail a little. - SWx

You can check out upcoming SYB adventures HERE…. Go on, take the adventure! 

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Recently, Samantha was featured on the cover of the amazing Collective Hub magazine, the brainchild of #GirlBoss Lisa Messenger, as part of the 'A New League' cover series. After an amazing reception across social media and through magazine sales, the reader event was born, featuring all five cover star entrepueners, as well as three other high profile, Australian creatives. 

Held at the stunning On Seven in David Jones' Sydney CBD store, the speakers took to the stage with unparalleled advice for budding entrepueners. Gritty Pretty's Eleanor Pendleton, D'Marge's Luc Wiesman and Piotr Stopniak of Toby and Pete, along with Lukasz Karluk, all shared tips and tricks they've picked up throughout careers in their respective industries. Closing the show, Samantha spoke about her best learnings when it come to business, including insight into her stance on collaborating with likeminded brands - 'Sharing information is not about giving away your secrets. It's about collaboration'.


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