The new SAMANTHA WILLS Eyewear has just released online, with brand new statement styles to carry you into Summer. Featuring golden glitter frames, marble tortoiseshell, round styles and classic oval shaped frames, there is a style perfectly suited to all SW Women.

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If you follow me on Inst, I have recently been guilty of spamming your feed with my European summer adventures, as I was on that side of the world for my friends wedding, and don’t worry, I made the most of it!

This entry is my photo diary from Paree! I wouldn’t say I am an expert on Paris, I have only visited twice (so far!) but here are some things I suggest….

If you love a break basket, or cheese, or wine….. or any other things that are a moments pleasure on the lips & forever on the hips -  as much as Paris is your spirit city! They. Serve. Bread. With. Everything… And. Its. Amazing…. They bring bread baskets like the snake tempted Adam with the apple – seriously. There is no escaping it! There are side walk café’s for days, I suggest trying as many as you can – stopping for a wine at one, lunch for the next, champagne the following, cappuccinos & then dinner.

As touristy as it is (and I suggest this in every city!) is the get-on-get-off bus tour. It is a great way to get your bearings of the city & see all the sights, then you can plan which ones you want to go back & spend more time visiting. It also allows you to learn a bit of history along the way.

OBVIOUSLY the Eiffel tower is on everyones list. Some alternate ways to spend time with her, is packing a baguette, cheese & bottle of wine & having a picnic on the lawns in front of her… my favorite time for the Eiffel is between 11pm & 1am, where she lights up in glitter on the hour for 5 minutes – get your slo-mo camera ready for some beautiful photo ops.

You must check out a gallery when you are there, one at the very least! I caught the Kenndey + Jackie exhibition, I loved it! It was all in French, but they have translation books for those of us who wished they knew the language! 

Euros are not real currency – as far as I’m concerned…. I wouldn’t say this is fact, but it is gospel to me – and as such, while most people buy a tea towel or tea spoon to mark vacation memories, I choose Paris as the place to buy handbags, from their native homeland. This trip, I parted with a months worth of rent to take home the FAYE bag by Chloè …. I am eating toasted sandwiches for the next few weeks – but some things are worth saving money on toasted sandwiches for! 

I stayed at Hotel Keppler – it is super close to the Arch De Triump & Eiffel… as well as the Champs-Élysées. My other area suggestion would be St Germain.

The Four Season is as stunning as it is expensive….. Go there for a drink, two if you are prepared to sell an internal organ to pay for it – its off the dial gorgeous.

Paris is like no other place on earth, winding streets where beautiful adventure awaits around every corner. Parisian style is the epitome of effortless glamour, and while it is stunning in the sunshines, I love Paris in the rain…..

I love Paris in the springtime

I love Paris in the fall

I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles

I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles

Book a ticket, take the adventure - SWx

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I was recently incredibly shocked to be nominated for my work abroad, as an Australian in the ‘Commercial Creative' category, by the Advance Global Australias Awards  – So when I received an invitation to the gala to celebrate the awards this evening at The Sydney Opera House, I was thrilled to be able to attend & be in the same room as some of the most incredibly esteemed Australians, across many fields. So when my name was announced as being awarded the runner-up in this category, I nearly fell off my Opera House chair.

I am a very proud Australian who is based in New York City. I think I speak for most creatives, that when you are lucky enough to find a career that is truly creative, you almost feel as if you are cheating the system. The fact that someone would actually pay you to do what your absolute true passion is, and in most cases, what you would be doing as your hobby in your spare time, is the epitome of doing what you love.

I think it is a fact that most creatives start out broke, couch surfing between friends apartments early in their career because they can’t afford rent, or like me, survived off baked bean jaffles (oh the irony… for anyone who follows our IG feed) for the first two years of my creative existence. Such is the hustle to break & survive into this elusive ‘art world'.

So when all your perfectly pantone coloured ducks all line up, being that you are able to be creative day in & day out, AND get paid for it, there is an constant fear that someone from the accounts department is going to knock on your door at any given moment, ask you to hand back your paint brushes & ideas… and all the money you have been paid over the course of your career for all the fun things you have had the pleasure of creating. The fear is real.

As a creative, you choose an avenue early on in your career. I refer to these two options as an ‘Artist’, or a ‘Commercial Creative', and I often joke that you can tell the difference, because the true artists are usually the ones, years on, still surviving on baked bean jaffles!  For such admirable reason, such is their commitment to their art, it is of the purest form where money, notoriety or public & industry approval have no value to them – because it truly is about their art.

Not me – I chose the Commercial Creative avenue from day one. It would have been fraudulent of me not to. I grew up in Port Macquarie, I finished high school, but never went to university, so my education on fine art consisted of my Dad adding water to the paint when Mum wasn’t looking so he could finish the kitchen walls without having to go down to Bunning’s to pick up another tin.

The digital age we now live in has changed the landscape of the creative world. Because now everyone is a creator, if you have a instagram feed, you are a publisher, anyone can produce content & be a blogger – it is looked at in two ways within the industry, but I believe it is a positive thing. I believe it is positive because it keeps established creatives on their toes & continually having to move forward & create newness; it allows renegades (like me!) with no formal training to hustle like its nobodies business to forge their way through with nothing but a dream & a willingness to do whatever it takes, & it also allows commercial creatives to interact personally with our consumers on a day to day basis.

I often get asked what inspires my designs. Is it my travel? Is the colour of the spices in the Moroccan Market? The blush palette of the sun setting in Greece? I know they want me to say something that has such romance, but the honest truth is that, as a commercial creative, I am inspired entirely by our consumers….(YOU!)  And the beauty of that, is that in this day & age, you are showing me daily how you are wearing my product, telling me what you want, and also what you don’t; you are showing me your favourite colours & allowing me into your lives, showing me how my product plays a part in that. The #SAMANTHAWILLS Hashtag has been used over 74,000 times, and it blows my mind. I think that is so incredibly gracious on your part & makes me so thankful to be able to be a commercial creative in this day & age.

We have over 139,000 Facebook fans & are about to hit 200,000 Instagram followers – so our access to our most engaged consumers is high – but I truly believe that with that type of following, comes great responsibility. The majority of our followers are young females, it would be remiss of me to portray my story as one of all fashion industry glamour & no sweat, a series of airbrushed images that imply I just woke up one day with a global company, or that this fashionable life & path is only for the ‘chosen few’, because that would be fraudulent.

The truth is, for the first 3 years of this journey, I hand made every single piece of jewellery on my dining room table, my hands bled, and I was getting about 3 hours of sleep per night. I have had more doors closed in my face than I care to think about, but that just made me incredibly savvy about finding open windows. I have sacrificed relationships due to the amount of travel & time required to build a company from the ground up; there have been nights I haven’t been able to sleep given the pressure of what I am responsible for. I have pissed industry people off by speaking my belief that there is no actual ‘need’ for what we do in the fashion industry, but it is purely an industry based on ‘want’.  And as such, it is my belief that we, as established creatives, need to be giving back. Giving back with time, knowledge, mentoring, funds, encouragement, inspiration. Something. Anything.

And that’s what I am going to use this amazing award for. I am going to use it as an example to our followers, that if a girl with no tertiary education, from small town Port Macquarie, can now be based in New York City, and be paid to every single day do what she loves, and tonight, is standing here at the Sydney Opera House accepting an award that celebrates that – then hell, so can you. 

With eternal thanks & gratitude to the esteemed panel of judges & referees for this honor. I will continue to fly the Aussie flag proudly Stateside, and will continue to develop the SW Brand to further grow our platforms to be able to share our story that I hope shows women everywhere that anything is possible. Thank you.  – SWx


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As an exciting pre-release of the new SAMANTHA WILLS FINE collection - Pania (launching in it's entirety in October), this beautiful African Jasper story is available now to shop exclusively online. With it's unique markings and varying tones of green, this stone has been combined with 14k rose gold plated sterling silver, in a curated collection of our favourite luxe bohemian styles from Pania.

Rich in meaning, this stone (as it's name would suggest) is found throughout Africa and is a form of chalcedony (a stone apart of the quartz family). These stones are known for their beautiful irregularities and their opaque nature, caused by microscopic grains of crystalline quartz. Jaspers tend to take on varying colors depending on the other minerals present at the site of formation, and because of this, come in a varying range of colours and textures.


African Jasper has long been utilised as a nuturing stone, and is known for it's healing qualities. Throughout time, many people have been known to carry this stone with them with the knowledge that it will bring them tranqulity, and help to cure the body and soul. It is also well known for it's energising qualities, with the ability to protect the wearer by absorbing negative energies.



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SWxMOVE Media + Influencers Launch

Having the SAMANTHA WILLS Tech Accessories collection released into the market is like your child wandering off to explore life! A year in the making, I am thrilled to finally be able to have this beautiful collection instores. In collaboration with MOVE Stores, we have created this Tech Accessories collection, that is designed to complement  all parts of the SW Woman’s life. The carved wooden series is a homage to our signature packaging, designed for the organic & bohemian spirit. The marble & rose gold series is designed for her to use everyday, from desk to design studio or boardroom, and the metal cage series, takes her on a night out or the red carpet. We also have two leather embossed pouches, designed to fit a 13” Macbook or iPad (but we are also using them as clutches!).

Here is our photo journal of our Influencer & Media Launch, at VINE in Double Bay, Where we nooshed on the most delicious breakfast spread I ever did see as guests perused the collection, displayed at each station as different flatlay (perfect for our instagram loving Influencers!)  

Hope you like the new collection, available instores at MOVE or shop it HERE, technically speaking. - SWx 

IMAGES: Scott Ehler 

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Our summertime style muse, Helen Janneson Bense from @GypsyLovinLight, recently shot her favourite SAMANTHA WILLS 'Marigold Palm' FINE jewels along the beautiful Western Australia coastline. Showing us here that more is best when it comes to layering, her sunkissed skin and sparkling jewels have us looking forward to long summer days!  


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The perfect FINE ring stack is hard to master, especially with so many options available! We've put together the top 5 tips to ensure you stack them the right way.

1. Mix your metals - Pick your favourite metals (we love rose gold & silver together!), and mix for a heavy metal feel. This works perfectly with a mix of textures as well.

 2. Evenly spread - Scatter statement and very fine rings (such as the Black Sands 7 Ring Set) out evenly, as to not overstack in one place and leave another area empty.

3. Don't overdo the sparkle - Make sure you add enough plain rings to complement the statement sparkling styles, such as the Azure Ring Set.

 4. You can't go wrong with midi rings - The perfect accompaniment to any FINE ring collection, as well as statement styles from our mainline range, you can never have too many.

5. Don't be afraid to stack - Some rings are made to stack on top of other rings. The Flamingo Jungle Ring is perfect sitting directly on top of a finer ring, such as the Botanicals Ring


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‘Got no place to go

but there's a girl waiting for me down in Mexico

She's got a bottle of tequila, a bottle of gin

And if I bring a little music I can fit right in’

-      Counting Crows


I feel incredible lucky to do what I do.  It is not lost on me the rarity of truly being able to say ‘I love my job’. And while it has not all been rosy (you can read more about the journey here), to be able to travel to Tulum, Mexico, in the name of business is an incredible feeling. 

I was there recently with my incredible creative team, shooting our new SW EYEWEAR + FINE campaigns (releasing October + February respectively).

I saw a lot of comments while I was there on recommendations on restaurants & accommodation – so here they are!

WE STAYED AT: Papaya Playa Project – A beautifully rustic eco friendly property. There are all levels of accommodation from jungle cabanas (bare essentials) to the new casitas (luxe). 

WE ATE AT: Posada Margarita – For beautiful Italian in the most divine of settings, I cannot recommend this place enough! A must eat.

We also had food & cocktails at LeZebra – this is a popular accommodation spot also. 

While we didn’t get to eat at Heartwood, it has come highly recommended from everyone I know who has ever been to Tulum! 

All in all, Tulum is magical. I will be visiting again many times over for sure. It is beautifully remote (an hour & a bit from the airport) and you have no choice but to dial everything down a few notches when you are there. As you will see from these images, it is the ultimate in Luxe Bohemian. Heaven.

When you are there, with one the world’s best creative teams, and you have the opportunity to sit for one of your all time favourite photographers, you do it. Thank you, Ali Mitton & Stoj Bulic for taking these magical pics. Let’s all go back, to Mexico.   – SWx



PHOTOGRAHER (OF Samantha); Ali Mitton


HAIR + MAKEUP: Stoj Bulic

STYLIST: Conor Graham



SEQUINNED OVER-SWIM: Victoria’s Secret





BAG: Chloe ‘Drew’

JEWELLERY: All SAMANTHA WILLS ‘PANIA’ Collection – Release Sept/Oct – [Be the first to shop this collection]

TOP: Vintage via Conor Graham

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