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From sketches on a page, the SAMANTHA WILLS collection 'Midnight Tapestry' comes to life. Founder Samantha Wills hand-picks the perfect combinations of metals and stones, to ensure each piece is the perfect balance of on-trend style and feminine allure. Here we catch up with her adding the finishing touches to some of our newest jewels.


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Think Outside The Box


The new year is full of opportunity to hit the refresh button on everything – your hair, wardrobe (Instagram!) and your space.

We’ve enlisted the help of some of our favourite style gurus to show how you can style your home or office space using our signature SAMANTHA WILLS, hand carved wooden boxes.



Add some greenery to your desk with the wooden box - it's the perfect combination!


Feeling inspired? Perfect! For a limited time, we are gifting a FREE carved wooden cuff box with all orders over $100, so you can let your inner stylist run wild!




Once upon a time, in the land of Faraway.

There lived a little princess, who would spend her every day,

Dreaming, wishing and hoping, of a city with sparkling lights.

So she worked her princess ass off, to pay for international flights.


She landed in the big apple, and immediately she knew,

This was the place that she could make her every dream come true.

With a magic wand, and a heart of gold, and a tenacious attitude,

She pieced her life together, (with new friends and amazing food.)


Over candle-light, and baked bean jaffles (and many a glass of wine)

She created her range, of statement pieces, bridal and even FINE.

Though at times it was tough, and she wanted to quit, and the hustle nearly broke her.

She stayed in New York, and , and created the velvet choker. 


Shop the World From Here Choker - Gold 

Shop The Pandora's Secret Choker - Gold 

Shop The Dawns Exhale Choker - Gold

 Shop The World From Here Wrap Choker Necklace - Silver


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Our latest FINE collection Phosphenes features three of our favourite stones to date - white howlite, African jade and crushed opal. With each so beautifully unique in markings, texture and colourings, they all bring their own qualities and characteristics to the wearer. Below, we bring you our SW Stone Guide created around our new FINE collection, Phosphenes, designed to give you clarity when choosing your new jewels.


With its ancient history dating back hundreds of thousands of years, the African jade stone is used heavily throughout Chinese culture to bring harmony to the wearer. With its beautifully green colouring varying from piece to piece, it is used in a nurturing capacity, to attract love, peace & a sense of care to the wearer. The perfect stone to place on your workspace or in your home, for when you need a positive force surrounding your everyday life.

Shop African Jade Jewels


With Australia producing 97% of the worlds' opal, this stone is beautifully representative of the country we live in. With its myriad of colours reflecting the light, it is known to both absorb and reflect thoughts and feelings before sending them back out into the universe at an amplified level. Due to this, the opal amplifies emotional states and often forces the wearer to self-examine on a frequent basis, while encouraging a positive state of mind.

Shop Crushed Opal Jewels


The howlite stone, usually found as a white colour in nature, is known for its ability to bring a state of calm to the wearer while decreasing any stress or anxiety present in the mind. Used frequently in meditation practices, howlite channels any form of anger into a positive state, bringing the wearer a greater sense of self. If you are stuck in a creative rut, this is the perfect stone to wear close to your heart as it will increase self-expression and heighten creativity.

Shop White Howlite Jewels




 Inspired by our latest collection, Amethyst Solstice, we are loving all things surf-luxe. The first thing that comes to mind, of course, is a beautifully luxe surfboard - a true form of art. While high-end brands like Chanel & Alexander Wang pioneered the 'fashion surfboard' 3-4 years ago, we can't help but be obsessed with amazing local designers; with our favourite being Nusa Indah, based in Forster, NSW.

We recently spoke to founder & designer, Jada, after she lent us a bespoke, traditional Balinese Batik inlay board to feature in our Amethyst Solstice campaign, shot right here in Sydney (with our ultimate SW muse, Zoe Cross). Gain an insight into the inspiration behind her brand & designs below, as she tells us about the ways in which she personally resonated with Samantha's own story. 

Plus, if you want to read more, head over to the Samantha Wills Foundation for Jada's full interview with SW!

'My love affair with Indonesia gave me a taste for good waves and exposed me to the beautiful world of ancient textile design and print. Over the years and many trips later, I have sourced and collected many treasured Batik and silk textiles. Once my personal board garnered public interest, I began work on Nusa Indah Surfboards to make them available to the modern bohemian woman; she who is adventurous in spirit, and has an appreciation for quality, hand-crafted goods. Nusa Indah Surfboards are adorned in Balinese motif, sourced and exclusive artist designs, and they are designed to enhance your walls as easily as they define your performance in the water.

I connected with Samantha online, years after discovering and admiring her hand-crafted jewellery she sold at the markets, and resonating with her story of coming from a small country town and self-taught approach to her craft. When I reached out to her, I had no expectation of a reply, but after a mutual appreciation of each others work and an invitation to feature my boards in her Amethyst Solstice Campaign, I jumped at the opportunity. And as they say, the rest is history!... 

Jada x'







Go behind the scenes of the latest SAMANTHA WILLS campaign shoot for Amethyst Solstice, in Sydney late last year. Featuring babe of the moment, Zoe Cross, this collection fuses high exposure pieces with clean metals and hand cut minerals, and introduces a brand new stone to the SW family - pyrite. Check out our favourite outtakes below, and shop the collection HERE.


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Out of the city, summer nights, outdoor dinners, chilled wine with every sunset, waterhole swimming, rock jumping, morning hikes, (too many) cocktails with cards of humanity, bonfire nights, late breakfasts, laughing til you cry, sparklers and s'mores, mosquito spray instead of makeup, late night conversations, early morning recollections, no TV, Otis + Beach Boys + Bowie playing on vinyl, fireflies, friends who are family… This is how I can best sum up Summer at Flatrock House.

I’ve visited in the Winter & now in the summer, both have their qualities, but being born in the Australian Summer, I think I have the desire to follow the summer in my veins.

If you need to escape NYC for a weekend (or longer!), it’s a simple 2.5-hour drive. At Flatrock, the house has a running river behind it, a few minutes walk up the road is a deeper swimming hole.

Be sure to hike up to the beautiful Kaaterskills Falls – the tallest two-tier waterfall in New York. 

There are plenty of local diners, but if you are going with a group, I would suggest doing a group grocery shop & doing cookouts at the house – indoors in the kitchen or outdoors on the grill – there is plenty of space for outdoor dining also. The house sleeps 8, and I think the more the merrier on a trip like this. We hiked the falls, we also jumped in the swimming hole up river (with shoes on) and walked/swam down the river to the house, there are no shortage of good old fashion board games, (there is no TV – and that’s awesome!) there is a record player, and a fireplace in the living room.

The décor is restored Scandinavian furniture, with a rock’n’ twist. It's like a group of cool Brooklyn artist’s set up a house in the Catskills (which is exactly what happened!). Book your stay and get back to nature, you will keep coming back because life is good at Flatrock.

We’ll take the trail marked on your Fathers' map… - SWx



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After this past weekend launch of the OPTUS #BelieveBig campaign, I am excited to share some behind the scenes pics with you!

There was a whole sound stage built out in New York’s midtown, where a replica of my 2004 kitchen (complete with jaffle maker & baked beans!) was set up, complete with my bedroom & my dining table. It was VERY surreal to step into my life 12 years ago. The props department were so incredible & their attention to details spanned from the brand of baked beans to the replica of my business cards & original logo from those early days. 

Working with Australian director, Dave Ma, was a dream. I am MOST certainly NOT an actor, so walking onto the set with 70+ crew watching on, I was a little nervous to say the least – but Dave was INCREDIBLE, giving me great guidance through each scene, tapping me into those feelings of isolation, fear & anxiety that all entrepreneurs face in the start-up phase.

The shower scene is actually one of my favourites! It's so dramatic! And I remember my bleeding dirty hands from making all that jewellery. The shower was the one place I would have the craziest thoughts – some great creative ideas came to me in there, some of the deepest moments of fear & isolation also. It was where you started every 4am day & finished every 3am finish. It was where you would go to cry when things got overwhelming.

If you haven’t read my story, you can do so over at the Samantha Wills Foundation. I hope that whether you are a small business owner or not, it inspires you to follow your passion, no matter how may times you are faced with hardships or hurdles.

I wish you every success in your ventures. Think outside the box and #BelieveBig - SWx

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