We drink in golden, Laying beneath white cloth

Crystal breeze, Luxurious mornings

Midnight dining, On the cliff side

We can see the world from here

White wash

Drunk in you, and you in me

Skinny dipping, Between laughing and champagne

Time does not exist, But does anything really?

I visit this place In my dreams every night

You and I, we should go, To the island of, Casa Paradiso... 



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Beauty Editor and founder of Gritty Pretty magazine, Eleanor Pendleton recently let us into her office space to show us how she styles her favourite SW jewels. While we were there, she also ran us through the background of her website & magazine, Gritty Pretty, and let us snap a few shots of her amazing space.

ELEANOR PENDLETON | @eleanorpendleton

You’re known for being a woman who is confident and assertive in your own style. How would you describe your personal style?

The best way I can describe my style is one part monochromatic, androgynous-style editor, one part hopeless romantic with a penchant for mid-length skirts and very high heels, and a one hundred percent mix of both high and low labels. I’m a sucker for mid-length skirts with strong silhouette or a pair of black leather power pants paired with a men’s style shirt. But, on the other hand, I also really enjoy wearing a beautiful dress that is elegant and sophisticated.

Multiple personality disorder in the absolute best way right! Does that reflect your take on beauty trends as well? You must showcase this in your new digital magazine, Gritty Pretty (which is stunning by the way – congratulations!) How did you kick start this baby?

Thank you! After high school, I studied journalism whilst interning at Cosmopolitan magazine with then-beauty director, Zoë Foster Blake. After graduating, I was offered the role of Editorial Coordinator/Beauty Writer at Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty, Cosmopolitan Bride and Cosmopolitan Pregnancy magazines. After a few years there, I worked as beauty editor at FAMOUS magazine and InStyle magazine. After 7 years in publishing, I decided to take a leap of faith and embark on a freelance beauty writing career during which I was published in titles such as Harper’s BAZAAR, Refinery29, Men’s Health and more. Last year, I relaunched my beauty website Gritty Pretty as well as launched Gritty Pretty Magazine – the first online magazine dedicated solely to beauty. It’s been a wild but an amazing ride!

I guess you could say it was a leap worth taking! So where did you get the idea for Gritty Pretty?

I originally launched Gritty Pretty in early 2010, designing the website from scratch with my web developer (back then, templates like Square Space didn’t exist!). During the time, I was Beauty Editor at FAMOUS magazine and I was going into work every morning, drinking a coffee and looking to fashion blogs like Style by Kling and Columbine Smille for inspiration before starting the day’s work. I noticed I couldn’t find a single beauty blog that I could draw inspiration from or more importantly that I could trust. So, I decided to launch my own and thus Gritty Pretty was born. In 2011, Gritty Pretty went on hiatus while I focused on my magazine career at InStyle magazine but when I decided to go freelance in 2013, I decided to relaunch it and focus on it full-time. I don’t think there is any other beauty website out there like it and its online magazine component is what I truly believe sets Gritty Pretty apart. It’s an authoritative website or beauty blog, which women can truly trust.

Definitely a stand out in the beauty industry, and it is amazing that it reflects your passion, how does this change in your lifestyle come through in your wardrobe?

I’m going through a stripes phase at the moment. Maybe I’m attracted to lines because I’ve just moved Gritty Pretty into a new office space and subconsciously want everything to be neat and streamlined [laughs]. Generally, though, my style is a reflection of my current mood, the weather and whatever occasion I might have on whether it be a meeting, a media event, a photo shoot or an evening launch.

And how does this connect with how you accessorise? What jewellery do you incorporate to complete a look?

I prefer to wear delicate, fine jewellery pieces, which is why I love SAMANTHA WILLS fine jewellery collection. It allows me to incorporate jewellery as an accessory into my look without being too over the top. It's the subtly of them that makes them beautiful. And, being naturally dark-skinned, I also prefer to wear gold and rose gold metals rather than silver.

Share your top picks with us!?

Band Of Outsiders Drop Earrings in Rose Quartz

Lion's Drop Earrings in Rose Gold

La Luna Drop Earrings in Rose Gold

This Time Double Ring Set in Gold

On Film Ring in Rose Gold

With a wide following on Gritty Pretty, what advice would you give to aspiring bloggers that are looking to start up their own beauty and fashion blog?

Find a point of difference first. Now, with the rise of digital and the Internet, there are so many beauty and fashion blogs out there. It makes it more competitive to break through. Look to your favourite blogs and see what is lacking then try to organically fill that space. Create original content and imagery when you can – no one likes a rehashed press release, a HI-RES image or worse, an image that isn’t your own – and be patient. It takes time and diligence. A blog can ultimately become its own brand so be true to your brand and don’t worry too much about what other bloggers are doing. Just focus on you and your readers.



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Following on from our last blogger session featuring statement ready-to-wear jewels, our latest installment showcases our recently restocked FINE jewels. The ultimate free-spirited babe, Olive Cooke, and style, health & travel blogger Ally Carey, run us through their style as well as their must have pieces from our FINE collection, 'Primrose & Moss'.

OLIVE COOKE  | @olivecooke

Your style is incredibly aspirational – not everyone could pull it off! How would you describe it and where do you get you get inspiration from? 

I get asked a lot of the time if half my wardrobe is dress ups, everyday is pretty different but ultimately I would say relaxed and easy. I am inspired by a lot of creative hilarious people and experiences in my life, which I think helps to not take it all too seriously.

Sounds totally organic and effortless! How do you incorporate jewellery into that look?

I mix match colours, textures, stones and metals - I'm not a strict jewellery wearer, I’m more than happy to break the rules.

We can certainly relate to that, but when did this style ethos become ingrained in you? Who influenced your style the most? 

Iris Apfel - All I wish to be if I reach 93.

She is amazing! What a great icon! Layering is totally her thing and she doesn’t stray far from jewels. Channeling that, what are your top picks from the SAMANTHA WILLS Fine Collection?

The rose quartz is phenomenal – the Horses and Hummingbirds story is perfection, I am in love with that ear cuff!



ALLY CAREY | @substance_blog

Your style comes across as intrinsically effortless, is this reflected in your lifestyle?

My style is a mix between comfort, sporty, tomboy-esque and tailored. I work from home so I like to be comfortable yet stylish for when I have to run out to meeting / see clients. The sporty influence is because I live an active lifestyle and it just carries through! 

So many elements of your lifestyle that bring it together, it might be tricky but do you have 3 staple items you absolutely can’t live without?

Leather Jacket, a good pair of jeans and fine jewellery - it gives any outfit personality!

A little big of edge never hurt anyone! This obviously transcends into your style genetics. Can you give us an insight into how you were able to incorporate this into your wedding day – which was absolutely stunning by the way!

I think our wedding was a true reflection of our personalities and aesthetic.

We DIY’d a lot of our decorations. My husband is a designer so he did all, the graphic - invites, posters, decorations, signage etc. Our tables were filled with a mixture of flowers, wooden blocks, collectable figurines and we asked three of our artist friends (including Kelly Smith) to help design our bonbonnière to fit inside our little booklet of treasures.

Wow that sounds phenomenal – such personal touches create a huge impact! And what about your take on healthy living, did this sneak into the wedding plans or do you save that for the blog? How do you incorporate style into your work outs? 

(laughs) I think working out in clothes you feel comfortable and beautiful in is a big part of working out. If you feel like you look good, you’ll be more motivated to hit the gym.

Sounds like a no brainer! We’ll definitely have to test your theory. You know it’s best to get advice from someone with expertise in the industry – do you have any tips or tricks for an aspiring blogger?

Put in the hours, don’t be afraid to make contacts and stay true to your style!


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As a luxe bohemian brand designed for the SW woman, we love to see how our favourite bloggers and influential women are styling our pieces. Mixing back statement jewels with FINE pieces, make-up artist and beauty blogger Rachael Brook, and fashion blogger Charlotte Bridgeman, let us into their lives and show us how they style their picks from our newest collection, 'Only In Dreams'. 

RACHAEL BROOK |  @rachael_brook 

Traveling across the country sharing your skills with women nationally must be so rewarding! How does your wardrobe reflect your current jet set lifestyle? 

The most noteworthy part of my lifestyle right now is that I'm constantly going to events where I'm photographed which means I need to be switching up my outfit every time so that it doesn't look like I only have a couple of outfits on rotation.  So in saying that, I like to invest in staple pieces that I know I can switch up and wear in different ways - such as my light blue Michael Lo Sordo trench coat.  I can wear it over an outfit or I can tie it up and wear it as a dress.  I also love to own pieces that have something a little bit different about them such as my Dion Lee skivvies.  From the front they just look like a comfy long sleeved top, and from the back they're incredibly sexy and backless - they look amazing with a necklace placed down your back.

You absolutely can’t go past the essentials – does this apply with your make up as well? What is your go-to look to make a statement and how do you balance this with your jewellery?

My go-to make up look is dewy, highlighted skin, with bronzed (& slightly contoured) cheeks, a black winged eyeliner and smoked out warm brown eyeshadow.  I team this with wavy hair, and I pull one side behind my ear or flick it over, and balance it out with a statement ear cuff.  I'm completely obsessed with ear cuffs.  This look works really well with the highlighting and the wing and it shows off your cheekbones reallywell too.

You must be a pro at winged eyeliner then – struggle town for us! How would you create this look on the go? Winged eyeliner in a cab musn’t be an easy feat!

If you love wearing a winged liner, but don't leave yourself enough time to do it (story of my life) - before leaving the house, apply moisturiser and lip balm and do your winged eyeliner before applying any other make up.  That way, the trickiest part is done and the rest of your face can be completed on the run if it's necessary.   Your skin and lips will be absorbing all the moisturising goodness in the meantime and you can finish your make up on the train to work, or in the car before getting out (not while driving!)

Keeping a few key products in your bag at all times makes for an easy day to night make up transition.  For example an eyeliner, a highlighter and a bold lipstick are quick to apply but make a huge difference to your look. 

So that’s how you nail it! Will need to lock that one away in the memory bank! So you’ve got 3 minutes to complete your look what is your game plan?

I can't leave the house without my rings on.  I have about 6 that I stack on every day and I feel naked without them.  I have a ring that was given to me by my Grandmother and it never get's taken off - the rest are stacked around it.  I love pinky rings and rings that sit mid way up my finger.  I've also started wearing a watch more recently, although it's really just there to look pretty because I seem to still only use my iPhone to find out what time it is.  





CHARLOTTE BRIDGEMAN |  @winstonandwillow

Style speaks to different people in different ways, how would you describe your take on fashion – is there a style icon you can relate to?

I think my style is definitely quite classic with a modern twist. I love keeping up with current trends but I'm always very cautious of not taking them too far. As for a style icon, I love the elegance in how Miranda Kerr dresses, her style is something I definitely relate to. 

Let’s be honest, we love Miranda everything! We can definitely see how you resonate with her as a style icon. Naturally embodying this mantra must mean you have three staple items that you can’t live without?

A pair of black high heel pumps, a black leather jacket and my black monogrammed leather tote bag - it fits everything and is very sturdy. 

Black leather jacket would be on our list as well! Fashion staples should form the base of your wardrobe, which is vital when you travel as often as you do! I’m sure travelling must influence your style, where else do you get your inspiration from?

I follow a lot of blogs, both personal style and street style, so I draw most of my inspiration from them, but when I travel to different places such as New York, I'm constantly inspired by what people are wearing! Everyone just seems to look so good in New York.

And where does jewellery come into your day to day looks?

For day to day I mostly wear finer jewellery, particularly rings and always a necklace. However when I go out I love to add some more elaborate pieces - it really completes an outfit. 

As a professional within the industry you must notice that trends ebb and flow, how does this relate to your style and how has working within the industry changed the way you see fashion?

I don't think my role has changed my style that much, however living in Sydney definitely has. As I walk almost everywhere now I find myself dressing for comfort a little more than I used to and incorporating flats into my looks more than I did when I was living in Melbourne. 





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Because we go there, you & I. Frigid waters & peach sorbet skies.

Dusk? Dawn? Or Somewhere in between? Nothing is as it seems.

But lets meet there again, soon, Only In Dreams.


Shop collection HERE.


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Celebrating the day of birth, of the wildest soul I know. - SWx

New York City, Images by George Elder

Happy happy oh my friend
Blow out candles once again
Leave the presents all inside
Take my hand and let's take a ride

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I am so incredibly honored to today be named the new Creative Director, and face of YELLOWGLEN, Australia’s number one sparkling wine brand.

To me, YELLOWGLEN is an Australian icon of celebration. With such a long standing heritage as the cork to pop, I looked deep into the milestone moments of the brands history, I knew we had to bring back the iconic Bubbly Girl , but in a beautifully modern way. The Bubbly Girl is an icon for YELLOWGLEN, that stands out for me personally and was the epitome of this beautiful, charismatic, social and sparkling personality. I wanted to make this bottle representative of where the bubbly girl is today - Her yellow flowing gown is now replaced with black skinny leg jeans, a tailored sequined blazer over a slouchy white t-shirt, her makeup minimal and a fresh, natural wave in her hair - but her charismatic manner still remains – She celebrates, she laughs, she leads a beautiful life. She is sparkling in appearance and spirit.... And she leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes.

Working with Yellowglen chief winemaker, Trina Smith & Yellowglen Brand Manager, Astrid Oakley, This new campaign and my first release as creative Director, of the new 'Yellow' Limited Edition sparkling bottle is a celebration of her...of you, of me... The bubbly girls of today. Shine on, and make everyday moments sparkling. I can't wait to show you this new product, and as the brands new Creative Director, bring you many more sparkling moments. - Samantha Wills 


IMAGES BY: Scott Ehler

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Our brand new FINE collection is now avaialble. 

Designed to layer, fine rings, thread thru earrings & stones set necklaces. 

Shot on location in Malibu, California, below is the full campaign for our latest release. 

SHOP the collection instores & online now at samanthawills.com - SWx

When once the sun sinks in the west,
And dewdrops pearl the evening's breast;
Almost as pale as moonbeams are,
Or its companionable star,
The evening primrose opes anew
Its delicate blossoms to the dew;
And, hermit-like, shunning the light,
Wastes its fair bloom upon the night,
Who, blindfold to its fond caresses,
Knows not the beauty it possesses;
Thus it blooms on while night is by;
When day looks out with open eye,
Bashed at the gaze it cannot shun,
It faints and withers and is gone. 
                                    - JOHN CLARE, Evening Primrose



STYLIST: Conor Graham

HAIR + MAKEUP: Stacey Tan

MODEL: Mathlida Bernmark


SHOP the collection instores & online now at samanthawills.com

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