Following on from our last blogger session featuring statement ready-to-wear jewels, our latest installment showcases our recently restocked FINE jewels. The ultimate free-spirited babe, Olive Cooke, and style, health & travel blogger Ally Carey, run us through their style as well as their must have pieces from our FINE collection, 'Primrose & Moss'.

OLIVE COOKE  | @olivecooke

Your style is incredibly aspirational – not everyone could pull it off! How would you describe it and where do you get you get inspiration from? 

I get asked a lot of the time if half my wardrobe is dress ups, everyday is pretty different but ultimately I would say relaxed and easy. I am inspired by a lot of creative hilarious people and experiences in my life, which I think helps to not take it all too seriously.

Sounds totally organic and effortless! How do you incorporate jewellery into that look?

I mix match colours, textures, stones and metals - I'm not a strict jewellery wearer, I’m more than happy to break the rules.

We can certainly relate to that, but when did this style ethos become ingrained in you? Who influenced your style the most? 

Iris Apfel - All I wish to be if I reach 93.

She is amazing! What a great icon! Layering is totally her thing and she doesn’t stray far from jewels. Channeling that, what are your top picks from the SAMANTHA WILLS Fine Collection?

The rose quartz is phenomenal – the Horses and Hummingbirds story is perfection, I am in love with that ear cuff!



ALLY CAREY | @substance_blog

Your style comes across as intrinsically effortless, is this reflected in your lifestyle?

My style is a mix between comfort, sporty, tomboy-esque and tailored. I work from home so I like to be comfortable yet stylish for when I have to run out to meeting / see clients. The sporty influence is because I live an active lifestyle and it just carries through! 

So many elements of your lifestyle that bring it together, it might be tricky but do you have 3 staple items you absolutely can’t live without?

Leather Jacket, a good pair of jeans and fine jewellery - it gives any outfit personality!

A little big of edge never hurt anyone! This obviously transcends into your style genetics. Can you give us an insight into how you were able to incorporate this into your wedding day – which was absolutely stunning by the way!

I think our wedding was a true reflection of our personalities and aesthetic.

We DIY’d a lot of our decorations. My husband is a designer so he did all, the graphic - invites, posters, decorations, signage etc. Our tables were filled with a mixture of flowers, wooden blocks, collectable figurines and we asked three of our artist friends (including Kelly Smith) to help design our bonbonnière to fit inside our little booklet of treasures.

Wow that sounds phenomenal – such personal touches create a huge impact! And what about your take on healthy living, did this sneak into the wedding plans or do you save that for the blog? How do you incorporate style into your work outs? 

(laughs) I think working out in clothes you feel comfortable and beautiful in is a big part of working out. If you feel like you look good, you’ll be more motivated to hit the gym.

Sounds like a no brainer! We’ll definitely have to test your theory. You know it’s best to get advice from someone with expertise in the industry – do you have any tips or tricks for an aspiring blogger?

Put in the hours, don’t be afraid to make contacts and stay true to your style!


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