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As an exciting pre-release of the new SAMANTHA WILLS FINE collection - Pania (launching in it's entirety in October), this beautiful African Jasper story is available now to shop exclusively online. With it's unique markings and varying tones of green, this stone has been combined with 14k rose gold plated sterling silver, in a curated collection of our favourite luxe bohemian styles from Pania.

Rich in meaning, this stone (as it's name would suggest) is found throughout Africa and is a form of chalcedony (a stone apart of the quartz family). These stones are known for their beautiful irregularities and their opaque nature, caused by microscopic grains of crystalline quartz. Jaspers tend to take on varying colors depending on the other minerals present at the site of formation, and because of this, come in a varying range of colours and textures.


African Jasper has long been utilised as a nuturing stone, and is known for it's healing qualities. Throughout time, many people have been known to carry this stone with them with the knowledge that it will bring them tranqulity, and help to cure the body and soul. It is also well known for it's energising qualities, with the ability to protect the wearer by absorbing negative energies.



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