DAY 4 | SPEND $99+, SAVE $20 | SPEND $199+, SAVE $50 | SPEND $299+, SAVE $100


DAY 4 | SPEND $99+, SAVE $20 | SPEND $199+, SAVE $50 | SPEND $299+, SAVE $100



I am the first to admit, i am a very late comer to this trend - but now that i'm on it - i'm addicted.

Tumblr is my new Nutella. Its an addiction. I love the way my page changes & moves & one day it can be all whites & then the next all dark woods, some weeks its all tropical destinations & dreamy underwater shots, the next images of snow covered mountains.

Sometimes interiors. Sometimes fashion. Sometimes art. Sometimes travel. Sometimes gardens. Sometimes gourmet ice creams!

I recently read a quote from a blogger who said that her tumblr account was the best insight into her mind - and i agree. It ebbs & flows with your mood, dreams & focus at any given time.

A visual look into your soul, if you will.

So if you are a Johnny Come lately like me, bite the bullet & get onboard, its like Pinterest, but with a much more polished finish, like your very own art gallery where you are the curator.

Step into the world of SW - SWx









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