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Before I met Will, I would ask any potential date if they preferred sunrise or sunset. Each & every one (ok – there weren't that many… but still!) answered that they had never thought about it.

One day a few summers back, Will & I were on a friend's boat on Lake George, and I asked Will which he preferred. ‘Absolutely sunset’, he replied without missing a beat. I knew that very instant he was the guy for me. A sunset chaser.

I don’t use the term ‘Sunset chaser’ in any other way than literal – we often race to get to a good viewing point to catch the final minutes of the sun & if time permits, wait to see the sky light up like it does in the following minutes. My favorite sundowns involve no makeup, salt in my hair, wine and/or cocktail in hand & cheese with honey.

This ritual we have, has inspired a past collection, SS/2013 Midnight’s Sunrise & it’s the main inspiration behind something very exciting, that I am announcing tomorrow on our Instagram account.

 Meet me here, at sunset. – SWx

For the sun loved the moon so much, he died every night to let her breathe….


These photos are taken at: Sarasota, Florida. Pisco Beach, California. Shutter Island, New York. Montauk, New York. Santa Monica, California.


Join me on Instagram: @SamanthaWills

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